Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Graduation Day

Today is the day that Rosewalker receives his Elite Core Competency certificate.  I've always thought that rule 2 of Eve should be: don't fly what you can't fly well.  I might not have the actual skill to fly a ship well, but I don't have the excuse I can't fit my ship properly.  Here is the description of Elite Core Competency:
"This certificate represents an elite skillset in core skills. It certifies that the holder has an elite level of competence in core areas of fitting, capacitor, targeting, integrity and navigation. This forms an exceptionally strong core skillset which will benefit you in any profession you choose to pursue."
I'm almost finished learning how to fly frigate and cruiser-class tech 2 ships and the skills learned obtaining the Elite Core Competency certificate will help when training up and flying the final three ship classes on my list: command ships, marauders and black ops.  I still need to train up my missile, drone and electronic warfare skills to elite levels, but I'm feeling pretty good now about hopping into any Minmatar ship I've learned to fly.

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