Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Deploying to Nakugard

Having decided what I wanted to do the COSMOS missions in the Ani constellation and done some preliminary intelligence gathering using the Evelopedia and Dotlan, the next step was to actually deploy my ships to the Republic University School station located at Nakugard V.  Why there?  Four reasons.  The first is that Nakugard is centrally located, not only just one jump to 6 of the 7 other systems in the constellation but also one jump from the trade hub system of Hek.  Next, the Republic University station is the only one in the constellation with manufacturing facilities.  Third, out of all the corporations in Ani that own stations, I have the highest standing with Republic University.  Finally, while the Krusual are Matari, they also have a reputation for being sneaky and I just don't trust them.

The next step was determining what to bring.  I'm planning an extended stay lasting at least until I go to Bulgaria at the end of September, so I needed to bring a lot.  I brought everything from assault frigates to battlecruisers to do the COSMOS combat missions and a Prowler to quickly do courier missions.  I didn't spot any mining missions, but with the abundance of asteroids in Ani, I figured I'd bring my Covetor, if for no other reason than to replace my mineral stocks with all the ammo I plan to use.  And because I saw one COSMOS mission that requires scanning down a site, I brought my Cheetah.  In total, I brought 12 ships in addition to large amounts of projectile ammo and missiles to Nakugard.

Twelve ships?  That took a lot of time, right?  Wrong.  The 12th ship is my Orca.  Between loading up the industrial command ship to the gills and Wandering Rose scouting ahead ferrying a couple of additional ships, I managed to bring everything in three trips.  I should have only needed two, but I forgot to bring the Covetor on the second trip.  I think my sub-conscience was trying to tell me something.   And moving the Orca in a fleet getting the fleet agility bonus makes the trip go much faster than the Orca moving solo.

So now I'm in Nakugard and doing the COSMOS missions.  I finished the first one on Sunday.  I'll get to that story tomorrow.

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