Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Real Life Captain's Quarters

I saw a tidbit while surfing the net yesterday and couldn't resist posting about it.  Orbital Technologies Corporation, based in Madison, Wisconsin, has plans for a space hotel in Earth orbit. 

graphic: Orbital Technologies

Yes, we are getting closer to a corporation in space.  And a corporation moving to get its own Captain's Quarters into space.  The real life version might be a lot cheaper than the Eve Online variety, only costing $165,000 for a 5 night stay.

graphic: Orbital Technologies

And doesn't this look cosy?  Of course, it doesn't have a cool door like the Captain's Quarters does in Eve Online, but you can't have everything.

graphic: Orbital Technologies

With an estimated launch date of 2016, CCP will need to move a bit quicker with Incarna and Walking in Stations if they want to keep ahead of real life.  Of course, the price of a ticket on Icelandair to get to Fanfest is a lot cheaper than the $800,000 ticket to get to one of these luxury suites.

Luxury suite?  This isn't even as good as our Minmatar Captain's Quarters.  I wonder if anyone flying up there would be interested in a monocle?

(h/t: Instapundit)

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