Friday, August 5, 2011

Momentum Into The Weekend

I've wasted the last few weekends trying to catch up on sleep.  I'm getting old and getting home from work at 2am and leaving the house at 7 or 7:30am is just not something I can effortlessly do anymore.  But this weekend looks to be different and hopefully the little bit of time I could devote to Eve last night is a good sign.

First, I was inventing Muninn blueprint copies and when I started the research I forgot to add a decryptor to 2 of the 5 blueprints in the batch.  Oops.  But when I took delivery, I had 2 2-run blueprint copies with a material efficiency of -2 and a 1-run blueprint copy with a material efficiency of -4.  So now I can build my own armor HAC.  Can you really be a veteran Eve player and not own one?

Next was my skill queue.  I booked the airline and hotel reservations for my trip to Bulgaria yesterday so I worked on setting up the skill queue to train a long skill during my three weeks in Sofia in September and October.  And without too much trouble I managed to not only fit in training Battlecruisers V and the leadership skills required to fly command ships, but to start training Minmatar Battleship V the morning I leave.

But the skill queue gave me some immediate gratification as well.  Yesterday was the day I had scheduled to learn how to fly the Loki.  So I went on the market (yes, I was already in a station that sold them) and spent almost 25 million isk on the skill books.  Okay, so I can't afford to buy one yet.  But when I can, I don't have to wait around training.  Strategic cruisers should not sit around gathering dust just because you don't have skills.

So things are looking up.  Now if my workload will cooperate today, I'll have a weekend full of internet spaceships, learning Bulgarian and ... work.  What, you didn't think I'd get to spend all weekend playing, did you?

So for now I'm pretty happy.  With any luck

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