Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Arek'Jaalan Project

Last night I finally took the plunge into actual role playing in Eve Online.  Back in July I remember reading about the defection of the Caldari scientist Hilen Tukoss to the Minmatar Republic.  I read in August a post by Mike Azariah on how to join the Arek'Jaalan Project but I never followed up.  Until now.

Since the Khumaak Flying Circus (or at least Wandering Rose) has such a close relationship with Eifyr and Co., Dr. Tukoss' new employer, getting involved in the Arek'Jaalan Project is a natural thing to do.  Currently the members of the Arek'Jaalan Project are racing to complete the collection of materials to build Site One, a museum and library construction in the Eram system.  The deadline is the 8th and according to the latest from the mailing list, the collection of materials is almost complete.

I had switched some of my planetary interaction production to Water Cooled CPUs, but on Monday the Acquisition Division sent over the mailing list that all that was needed was 80,000-90,000 Construction Blocks, 42,000 Supercomputers and 2,400 High-Tech Manufacturing Tools.  After reading through the list I figured the best way I could contribute was to take the Construction Blocks from the hanger and deliver them to Eram.  Seven thousand blocks didn't seem like a lot, but since it looks like about 68,000 blocks had been delivered since Monday, I figure my contribution just about put the effort over the top of its goals.  But just in case, I've set up 4 of my colonies with 2 facilities each producing construction blocks.  I figure I can make about 5,000 more blocks before the deadline just in case they are needed.  And if supercomputers are needed, I can sell them off and buy a few of those.

One thing I learned is that in the role play world, the layoffs were referred to as "political instability".  At least that was the reason that Dr. Tukoss (aka CCP Dropbear) disappeared and could not collect all of the items players contracted to him.  Thankfully CCP Dropbear was not a member of the 20% and he became active again over the past week.

I'm curious to see if the players can actually pull this off.  A whole lot of players have contributed billions of isk in cash and materials to try to make this work.  I've added my humble contribution.  If you play Eve and are interested, join the Arek'Jaalan chat channel and take a peak at what is going on.

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