Thursday, February 23, 2012

An Azeroth Goblin In King Hilmar's Court

Eve in in the air, or at least streaming through the interwebs like an addictive drug as various bloggers begin to stream back to New Eden.  SynCaine of Hardcare Casual made a return doing everything from getting wardeced in high-sec to carebearing to wormholes.  I get a kick out of the carebear part because he is famous for his advocacy of Darkfall, yet Rosewalker has a higher ranking on the BattleClinic killboards than SynCaine.

Meanwhile Wilhelm The Ancient Gaming Noob, had played Eve off and on since 2006 without getting any PvP kills.  The blogger famous for his Pokemon posts joined the Tactical Narcotics Team, a member of the Cluster Fuck Coalition, and has been racking up the kills as a member of Drake fleets.  But he still ranks behind me on the BattleClinic killboard.  Hey, I'm the biggest carebear guys, so get to work!

But the blogger making the move into Eve that possibly marks the coming of the apocalypse is Gevlon of the World of Warcraft blog Greedy Goblin.  I had heard about Gevlon, mostly from reading Tobold's blog which just might have left a biased attitude against the man who loves making gold.  Gevlon is admittedly anti-social but tends to single-mindedly search out ways to make wealth.  Lots of bloggers are giving an opinion on how well the greedy little goblin will do.

Me, I've pulled the popcorn out and plan to watch the fun.  He quickly lost a Badger Mark II in lowsec and instead of crying did a fair imitation of an after action report examining what he did wrong and how to prevent the loss from happening again.  I think he got tired of commenters telling him that the only PvP in Eve involves shooting ships because he finished off his next post with a screenshot of an Eve mail he sent telling another player he was stupid for charging so little for ore.  Of course, perhaps Gevlon put in that piece of idiocy at the end to cover up the several good observations he made at the beginning of the post. 

After a week he began posting some tips for new players and some of them were not half bad.  I think he is doing his research and taking the game seriously.  For example, he recommends Caldari for those who want to make some money.  And given how he has played so far, that is a good choice.  As I found out last January running courier contracts, Minmatar highsec is poor.  I found a lot more money in the Gallente Federation and I can just imagine how much money is lying around in The Forge.

So for now I'll welcome our new goblin overlord and watch his antics as he works to forge his destiny of creating an economic empire.  The fun has just begun.

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