Wednesday, February 29, 2012

CCP's Next Upgrade for Tranquility?

CCP prides itself on having the most awesome hardware to run a game on.  The company even posts the specs for Tranquility, Eve Online's single shard, on the Evelopedia.  So you know that people's jaws hit the floor in Reykjavik when they heard the latest news from IBM:
"On Tues, Feb 28, the IBM team will present major advances in quantum computing device performance at the annual American Physical Society meeting. Using a variety of techniques in the IBM labs, scientists have established three new records for retaining the integrity of quantum mechanical properties in quantum bits, or qubits, and reducing errors in elementary computations.These breakthrough results are very close to the minimum requirements for a full-scale quantum computing system as determined by the world-wide research community."
While ComputerWorld has a piece on the breakthrough, I'm thinking about how the real world is moving closer to Eve's highly advanced computing power.  Well, and how soon CCP can manage to "field test" the new quantum servers.

(h/t Instapundit)

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