Monday, February 13, 2012

Six Month Check-in

"No plan survives contact with the enemy."

Every six months I get the urge to re-evaluate my progress and goals in Eve Online.  Some people don't like Eve Online because of the harsh death penalty, non-consensual PvP and the weak PvE play that doesn't lead players down a path to an end game and universally recognized success.  I find that, although I'm a carebear, the death penalty and possibility of getting ganked adds a bit of spice to the game.  However, those are characteristics of the game I don't need to supply.  The path I take, however, sometimes requires trying to find it amongst the bushes and brambles.

So where am I at? 

Cool ships - Back in August I set as my goal to own all the Minmatar sub-capital ships except for the black-ops battleship Panther and the faction ships.  At this point I think I also won't get a Vargur either.  I also set a goal to make as many of the tech 2 ships as possible.  But before I purchased the ships I wanted to have the skills to fly them, and fly them well, before shelling out any cash.  Now I do.

Right now I'm making all the copies of blueprints I need to research the remaining tech 2 cruiser, destroyer and frigate hulls I don't have, but I'm not sure about the battlecruiser hulls.  Do I really want to buy a Cyclone blueprint?  Actually I would like to buy a Hurricane BPO and I'm not sure if I have enough isk to purchase both and still purchase a Loki.

I also have a two-year goal to get the BPOs to produce faction Minmatar ships.  Six months ago I believed I just needed the appropriate standings with select NPC corporations.  Instead, I need the standings with the Minmatar faction.  Gulp!  But with 18 months to go I'm doing well, getting my standings for Wandering Rose to 7.3 and Rosewalker up to 7.2.  Considering I can get Republic Fleet Firetail BPOs at 8.5, I think I'm doing well.

Manufacturing - In addition to getting my ships, I now plan on concentrating on making tech 2 projectile ammunition and drones.  I also would like to eventually figure out what tech 1 items are worth making, but that is taking a backseat to my personal ship production.

One of the things I needed to do in support of my manufacturing is finally putting together a full network of research agents.  The next step, of course, is to train up the characters on my third account to do research.  I have one alt who is currently trained up to my standards for planetary interaction and the other will be set in two weeks.  After that, I'll start training to double my invention and copying abilities.

Wandering Rose - The training is going well.  I finished my training all my warfare specialist skills up to IV so I am now working on flying command ships.  I am also on track for gaining my Elite Core Competency certificate, although I don't know if I will finish that in the next six months.  As for the Elite Production Manager certificate, I decided that the ability to start manufacturing jobs from anywhere within a region isn't that important since the 20 system range I currently have is sufficient.

Getting out of my comfort zone - I've considered doing exploration sites and wormholes, but I think I really want to play around in lowsec.  Why?  The rumor that CCP is considering, or that CSM candidates may push, to make lowsec mission-running safer.  I want to try my hand at lowsec mission running and perhaps even try to live in lowsec before any changes are made.  I think I just need to concentrate on one thing, unless that one thing turns into a big ball of epic fail.

A lot of people may laugh, but I find lowsec very scary.  Then again, I used to find roller coasters very scary as I have a highly developed fear of falling.  I've gotten over that fear to the point I like riding roller coasters.  The fear has not disappeared, just subsided enough to put an extra thrill into the experience.  I hope my feelings toward lowsec take a similar turn.

Those are the rails I have set myself upon for the next six months.  As always the plan can change depending on the real world.  From what I hear my trip to Iceland is not the only trip over the Atlantic I'll make this year, but that is not set in stone.  In that case some of my plans go right out the window.  But in Eve, do plans ever go according to plan?

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