Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Botter's Nightmare

Having covered everything from botters' rage over getting caught to bots held hostage because of CCP's tinkering with the unified inventory system to even the death of a bot, I've wondered what type of story I'd like to cover next.  I do have a dream inspired by an event that occurred in another sandbox game, Ultima Online.  The victim was Marcus Eikenberry, aka Markee Dragon, a pioneer and prominent member in the illicit RMT trade until he went straight in March 2010.  He is a presence on YouTube! and recorded the following story of grand theft pixel.

After listening to the story I began thinking how something similar could occur in Eve.  Sure, corp theft happens every day.  But does the theft happen to someone engaged in RMT?  Has anyone ever stalked a botter in order to steal his goods when he transfers tangible items like PLEX between a bot character and his main?

I'm sure that someone has done that.  But my dream goes one step further.  Imagine if this strike team took copious notes and piled up evidence about a bot ring.  After compiling the evidence, the team then ganks the botter at the transfer point, preferably podding the botter with an expensive set of implants in his head.  Following stealing the botter's stuff and killing a couple of ships, the team then contacts CCP Sreegs and Team Security with all of the evidence.  On top of all the losses, CCP then bans the botter and all his accounts while at the same time seizing assets and putting the botter deep into the red.  The cherry on top of the cake would be if the ring was so big that the team received a reward for their good work from CCP.

That's my dream.  I'll never pull it off, but I'd really love to hear someone succeed.  Does wishing so much ill fortune on a botter make me a bad person?


  1. I'm not clear on why you think the botter transfers things in space. People seem to think that using a can leaves no history because it leaves no mark on your wallet transactions or contract history. That's not true.

  2. i'm not sure if this is the same thing, but my corp caught a guy running at least 4 accounts all blitzing lvl 4 missions in high sec from the same agent in identical fit marauders

    after ganking the first and the others didn't dock, we had to keep going

    (warning- kb banner may be nsfw or people who don't like burt reynolds)

    if you look at those mails, we also killed the pods of the pilots which were worth well over the value of the ships and their rigs and mods we destroyed

    in total it was 18.8 billion isk destroyed and i think over 3b isk in loot recovered from the wrecks between the faction/deadspace drops and the massive piles of t2 salvage

  3. In case you didn't see or knew.
    That same guy from the video also did a bunch on video's about eve online. Stuff like the heist and an interview with a real scammer who started out in eve online.

    the heist -

    interview -