Friday, June 1, 2012

Eve Online Bots Held Hostage: Day 9 - Eve Miner / Eve Pilot

I know by now that everyone is getting tired of reading about the trials and heartaches of Eve Online bot users.  These poor souls have lost their primary income stream because CCP came out and for no good reason introduced in Inferno the unified inventory system that is so complex that bot developers are still having difficulty adapting to it 9 days after launch.  But I feel that these sort of problems need some attention so the Eve player base can give these suffering players the support they deserve.

Over the last two days I've focused on mission bots like H-Bot and Questor.  But all types of bots are affected by the changes introduced in Inferno.  Today's subject is the family of bot collectively known as Eve Pilot.  I'll focus mainly on Eve Miner but I'll start off with another product from this developer, Eve Trader.

Eve Trader is, like the name suggests, a market bot.  But Inferno made it much less effective than before.

29 May - 30 May
peanutym:  newest version after inferno. old version you gave me did this also.  Buy or Sell orders it will scroll down 2-3 notches then stop. Seems to work fine for exporting and changing the prices. it just thinks that its over when its not. Only noticed it today, so upgraded versions and reran setup with no travel.

Slav2:  At first, if you use VMWare, I am not responsible for any scrolling/mouse clicking bugs. VMWare is prone for such sort of bugs and only VMWare 7 + Windows 7 shows more or less good stability here and recommended to use. Second. Dont use newer items yet, some items were renamed/added in Inferno and I did not add them to bot yet.

peanutym: Here is the logs. i stopped it once it went from sell order to buy order. This time it didnt even try to scroll down and didnt go to the last order in the list. Stopped 1 before it needed to start scrolling. 

I also noticed it didnt update any of the orders. What setting do i need to change for that? i have my current buy and sell taxes correct. max price is 10%, min volume is 5%, sell profit is 5%, buy profit 5%. its been that way since i got the bot and worked fine until inferno. So maybe this has something else to do with it.  also as said before no vm, running xp pro. never had an issue before inferno 

joffrey1:  Every time the trader clicks on "export file" in game, there is a popup confirming that the files have been exported. The bot does not respond to this, and I have to manually close the popup and check the box saying "do not show again." Despite this, every time the bot exports any file in game I get a pop up window. Is there anyway to disable these popups or get the bot to recognize it?  Also note this happens randomly, sometimes i log on the bot and get no popup.

Slav2:  To disable popup you need to pause bot during first run and make personal and regional exports ones. Then unpause bot and continue first run. Bot should detect popups, but it does not wait for this window for a long time. If you have lag this is possible outcome.

I never thought of TiDi as an anti-market bot tool.  So CCP Veritas fights bots as well as makes big fleet fights possible.  Is there anything he can't do?

Of course, the initial release of the bot after Inferno gave every indication that Eve Pilot users were in for a long rocky ride.  This was the response 3 days after launch.

25 May
Slav2:  Please test this beta version and reply if you found any bugs.  Couple of modes were temporary disabled, miner will not work with POS and will not use jettison containers.

I don' know if I should feel sorry for this guy or laugh my head off.

Xanii:  Any idea how much longer? I just bought this last night and can't use it. It would be nice if there was something saying it was not usable yet or at least not let me buy it while it doesn't work...  Can I get the downtime added to my subscription please?

Slav2: Probably another day. It was able to complete first run but need more tests before I release newer version. I dont think $0.17/day is so important to care about. You may refund your order and repurchase later if you need to save a few cents. Btw, how did you activate your license? You could not do this without serial and you need to complete first run to get serial. The term of your license does not expire w/o activation.

I think Slav2 is a bit agitated.  But notice he says it will only be another day?  Remember, he is dealing with his English speaking customers here.  As I pointed out last week, he told the Russian bot users it might take weeks.

Some of the features were slow to appear and some users began to doubt.

28 May
jsvdfs:  when can we expect the rest of the features? I am particularly interested jetcan mining.  5-6 days?

Slav2:  I have added jetcan support but did not test it yet and was/will busy in RL today/tomorrow.

Kolerazie:  @jetcan support.  yes, unfortunately, does not go!  He may not shift the 2nd load(cargo).  Hangs itself on opening.

30 May
jaykay:  Got a rough ETA on next version Slav? Not having fleet mode is a killer =)

31 May
sinthetix:  Just wondering... Is this thing ever going to work? I just shelled out 60 bucks for something I can't even use. I only had EVE Pilot for about a month and just got used to how to set it up and now it doesn't even work. Maybe you should hire some help or something, I don't know. I feel like I've been ripped off. I've been patient and I understand the game has changed but damn. I got friends asking about this program and now they aren't even sure if they want it.

So is this thing ever going to work again or what? I've only just gotten the program recently and haven't seen how you guys update it or how long it takes, but when everyone says it would only be days and now it has turned into a week, when does a week turn into multiple weeks and then months? I haven't really seen any updates yet, just a link to a beta that doesn't work fully.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be a dick at all. I just want to know whats up with this thing. I check everyday and it is frustrating to look at the threads and see things like ''last post 1 day ago'' and ''last post 1 day 12 hours ago'' etc..

Eve Pilot is a collection of 3 bots.  In addition to the trading and mining bots mentioned above a courier bot exists.  Three bots and one developer.  I've blogged about Eve Pilot before and I've never been impressed.  The bots are broken and probably will remain broken for quite some time.  I really don't understand why anyone would go through the aggravation of having a bot.  Especially Eve Pilot.  Add that CCP Sreegs and Team Security is looking for botters to take all their ill-gotten booty away and I'm just amazed that a market exists for this type of product.


  1. On the contrary, I'm NOT tired of hearing about botting troubles. Gives me warm fuzzies and helps me sleep at night. Keep up the good work!

  2. EVE pilot is probably the best bot for EVE online there is out there.

    1. Thank you for confirming my argument that botting in Eve Online is dumb.

    2. haha best comment ever! Vote CCP to run the world so we can get rid of the RL market bots, too!

  3. I like the new unified inventory system and if that breaks bots, I feel those same warm fuzzies as the first poster. Way to go CCP! Also, thanks for bringing this kind of attention to bots.

  4. Not tired of botter tears/news. Keep it coming.

    I can't believe that even with CCP cracking down on botters these guys are still looking to bot!

  5. Keep up the posts! The tears are delicious!

  6. I like this line from one of our last quotes in the article;

    " I'm not trying to be a dick at all. "

    Too late.

  7. I just love how you give out the names of bots and possible problems , essentially a recap of whats going on.

    And good leads to how people have been caught and what not to do.

    Found this blog really helpful in finding a good mining bot, thx Nosygamer.

  8. Is "The Wis" still running his 100+ miner alts and "not botting?" I can't wait to read his tears, they will fill oceans.

    1. The same wis that was told by mittani to kill himself???