Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Eve Online Bots Held Hostage: Day 14 - ISXEVE and EVEBot

With CCP Soundwave's announcement Monday that the frequent patching of Eve Online will end with Friday's patch, this is probably the last of the "Bots Held Hostage" posts.  One of the reasons for coming up with that name is that bot developers are at the mercy of CCP where code changes are concerned.  The only proactive measures available to bot developers is to log onto the Singularity test server and see the direction that the Eve developers are heading in.  Bot devs cannot even start writing code as what appears on SiSi can change dramatically without warning, wasting all the bot devs time.  To tell a dirty little secret, the bot developers for the most popular Eve Online bots all have day jobs so they work on their bots on their spare time.  Expecting them to work hours at a task just to see CCP change everything is a bit naive.

One prime example of botting software that is sensitive to frequent change is ISXEVE.  ISXEVE is not a bot but, like DirectEVE in the Questor bot, is the engine for bots.  In fact, it was the original engine for the Questor bot.  ISXEVE is an Inner Space extension for Eve Online that uses process injection to manipulate the Eve client.  Unlike the OCR bots that utilize code to emulate keystokes, ISXEVE basically inserts itself into the Eve clients allocated memory space so that the two processes run in the same memory.  Very clever, but very sensitive to software changes in the game.  So sensitive that Questor developer Da Teach has stated that ISXEVE is intentionally designed to crash with the introduction of every Eve patch.  I'm not sure if that is after every major patch like an expansion or for every one of the minor patches we have seen recently.

Also live DirectEVE, ISXEVE does have a bot directly associated with it called EVEBot.  EVEBot is free while ISXEVE is a subscription service to use the bot.  I've been so busy trying to understand the process behind the code that I didn't bother figuring out the exact business model.

Unlike the other botting forums I frequent, the ISXEVE forums are open to public viewing.  However, I won't link to them because for some reason I'm receiving a lot more traffic lately and don't want to make it too easy for anyone to visit those forums.  Google is easy enough.  But for those who don't want to wade through a bunch of technical posts, I've pulled a few out for your reading pleasure.  Enjoy!

24 May
himion00 (ISXEVE):  "Help, after updating, my ship on the station does not unload the cargo, tell me what to do?"

26 May
A_L_F (ISXEVE):  "Amadeus, it is look like that MoveTO is not working becouse the corp hangar is closed. I tried to use new open command for it EVE:Execute[OpenHangarFloor] but it isnt working. Nothing is opening. (I used in the past method Station OpenCorpHangar." 

Grunt (ISXEVE):  "After much consternation and investigation I can say that anything dealing with extended inventory areas does not work unless that area is the active inventory. This includes Orehold and Corphold on the Orca (for example) etc.  Please let us know the status of a possible update for this as it makes it really hard to Ore Haul with the command class ship. I have created a work-around for accepting the ore and getting it to the additional holds but then I have no way to auto-run to the station and unload; this has to be done manually."

MSMage (ISXEVE):  "Module.IsOffensive Returns FALSE for missile launchers.  Not sure if this is intended or not, but common sense would seem to indicate no. I'm not sure if there are other module types effected or not."

27 May
dudemininer (Eve Bot):  "No Official word on whether there is a pulse or just a drain sucking up all our money... not even a post about the fact the new cargo display broke EVEBOT like a weak twig ... So what is it? Have the dev's given up or what ? should I just for get about the fact I paid to use these products now they are worthless?  Some great jobs being done there guys. I have been waiting for over a week. Now I am pissed."

Amadeus (ISXEVE dev):  "First of all, "over a week?? It's Sunday and the patch was on Tuesday. Do they not teach how to read a calendar where you went to elementary school? ... Also, while I'm educating you. It takes DAYS to fix things like what happened on Tuesday. In fact, I'm still fixing things today related to the new inventory window. (And, if you haven't noticed, so is CCP:"

3 June
tholder (Eve Bot):  "Skill injection don't work"

TahDah (Eve Bot):  "evesalvage... just stops mid run.  it starts pulling stuff in and salvaging and then just stops.. have to shut act off and restart to get it to run again and it repeats the bug"

mh99 (Eve Bot):  "The Hauler is not able to unload the cargo at the POS. I try to unload at the POS (Large Ship Assembly Array). Hauler is picking up the ore, warping back to the POS, then trying to open cargo. I have to open manualy the tab of the LSA, then evebot willl unload."


  1. I love those posts. Thanks for all that nice bot drama :D

    The increase in traffic to your site is hopefully the traffic from people looking for the reason why so many known botters aren't activ and not looking for getting a bot them self.

    The bot devs should milk there costumers as long as they can. something like "pay an extra 20 bugs and you get beta version which works almost". after all non of there customers can walk to a curt and demand something delivered, right?

    Again very sweet those bot tears. Thanks

  2. I just really don't understand this. Why go through all this effort, spend all this money on shitty botting services, and set your client to auto-afk-mine, when you could just buy PLEX for the money instead?

    Easier, actually works, doesn't breach the EULA, lets you do actual fun stuff.

    I guess these people are actually RMTers who have calculated that they're making a profit by bot-mining and selling the isk? seems to me that has to be a dying market at this point..

    1. Dude I payed about £60 for four lifetime bots and I been using them a year in that time I have paid for eve through plex with all 5 of my accounts and had a shit ton of ships through this, I dont RMT and I don't run 24:7

      I make enough to not have to pve, and te fact I work 12/h days means I can continue playing the game I want to.

      I know it's wrong but I can play the game I love the way I love playing,

    2. You aren't playing the game, you're only kidding yourself. Hopefully we'll see your tears soon enough.

  3. Oh, this brightens my day. Keep up the tears!

  4. oh the tears *happy dance of joy*