Friday, June 15, 2012

CCP's War On Bots: I Didn't Want That H-Bot Anyway

The word out of the recent CSM Spring Summit in Reykjavik on the anti-botting front is good.  Seleene was absolutely gushing about the success enjoyed by CCP Sreegs and Team Security:
"While it was acknowledged that stopping people from completely automating a process is impossible, the goals have always been to change behavior and decrease the profitability of botting. Based on the numbers the CSM saw and the methods described to us, I feel comfortable in saying this has definitively been achieved. Detecting the bots didn't change anything; making it more painful to get caught (with changes in policy) is what changed things."
While I'm happy to hear that, I just want to say one thing: don't get cocky.   Of course, looking at the botting forums tends to reinforce the message from CCP.  Today's tears come from my old friends over at H-Bot.  My last post about the mission bot ended on 29 May, so I'll begin from there.  Enjoy!

31 May:

Dinam: "I got bans for 3 accounts.  Invalid Login or password.  Permanent ban."

BaNZ:  "I rotate my chars a bit and I just got a reported temp ban."

nubhubble:  "As I thought, posters above probably RMT'd and got caught. CCP are really cracking down hard."

Red Bull:  "Did not RMT, got negative wallet also."

jastog:  "Everyone get his wallet resetted. My corp mates that got ban are all like -3b each which is like a week of botting or so.  Still don't know how CCP set the date when you bot and what they take from you."

Marazmo:  "RMT, of course))  But after ban i have 2 chars as well.  1 sell. Now a play on 1 acc. Its enought of EVE in my life))"

4 June:

Diligent:  "Just got banned second strike. Balance only on bot accounts was set to -3B. 10h/day/per bot with breaks for whole day every 3-4 days. Probably got caught cause one day i messed with timings and bot was working 17h :/"

super:  "so this is still on?  i havent been on for months and kind of thinking of eve again, but fuck it if i can't bot for my ships"

5 June:

slyer:  "Just got banned with two of my accounts this day."

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