Friday, August 17, 2012

A Space Noob Ate My Post

Last night I made the mistake of reading Mord Fiddle's latest post.  Why was reading Mord a mistake?  Because he introduced me to a blog called Diaries of a Space Noob.  I love reading and listening to new Eve players discuss their experiences.  Diaries of a Space Noob is a player's journal of playing Eve.  Not a pod pilot, but the actual player, including taking days off for real life events.

Diaries of a Space Noob is really good.  In some ways too good as I read all 61 posts last night.  He hooked me in with this passage from day 41.
"Back in the home system, chilling out and grinding some rock. There is another miner here and Rob reckons he is a bot. After Rob pokes him a bit with a battlecruiser I'm inclined to agree. The miner simply goes about his business. Either he is the coolest customer ever, or he is a bot. A bot is an automated player run by someone grinding out money in the game to sell on to other players outside it. They skew the economy and generally make things difficult for everyone else. There is a bit of chat in Local about it which Rob ignores and can flips the miner, dropping the loot as a free for all so he can claim it back. The miner ignores it. Bot. Soon after he this he warps out of system as the belt becomes crowded with us all having a look. Now I have to go look up on how to deal with bots. This is my system and no gold farming idiot is going to mess it up. It’s odd how it has become home. This is where I try to make it back to at the end of the day. This is where I’d rather be mining, despite some possibilities of greater rocks down in the neighbouring 0.5 system. Home. In space in a game? Weird."
So while I didn't really log in and play or write my planned post I did find another good blog.  He's good enough I added him to my Eve blogroll and I'm looking forward to reading his future adventures.


  1. Woo hoo! Thanks for the mention, glad you enjoyed it. Sorry about your missing evening though, I can't seem to stop wittering on about EVE and playing EVE.

  2. Yeah, this one bumped My Loot, Your Tears out of my Must Read Blog list as well. Good stuff, Space Noob! Keep going!

  3. I just today stumbled over that blog too. By reference of Fiddler's Edge.
    Currently I am halfway through and looking forward to the rest.
    Excellent read.