Thursday, August 16, 2012

CSM Town Hall Saturday And Security Questions

This Saturday, 18 August, the Council of Stellar Management will hold another town hall meeting at 1800 GMT on Eve Radio.  I've heard that Eve Radio will make a podcast available for download for those who can't listen live.  The podcast is also useful for people like bloggers to skip to the juicy parts and replay them to get quotes.

The CSM created a forum thread for people to put questions into.  I probably need to put my questions together and get them submitted.  But what to ask about?  The War on Bots™, of course!  So here are some questions I'd like answered.  Some of them the CSM may not have answers for but hopefully some of the information was given in CCP Sreegs' presentation.
  1. Why is fighting against botters and the illicit RMT trade important?
  2. Are the illicit RMT accounts that were banned mostly paid for with PLEX or cash?
  3. How big was the drop when accounts banned for botting could no longer transfer characters? (p. 146)
  4. Were the figures about RMT accounts in the minutes just subscriptions or did they include trial accounts? (p. 148)
  5. What is a disabled account? (p. 148)
  6. There is no six.
  7. Do those using injection bots receive permanent bans? (p. 149)
  8. How much effort does the CSM think CCP should put into making or retrofitting content to make writing botting code more difficult?
Okay, so this list is probably more appropriate for a Security dev blog.  But since the CSM received a briefing a couple of months ago, they might have some of the answers I'm looking for.  Now I just need to paste these into the forums.


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  2. "6. There is no six."

    You have learnt well!

  3. "6. There is no six."
    You have learnt well! <--- I hate inside jokes in comments... =\

  4. I was going to ask the CSM why in the last four of five months have they been invisible, but their apathy is contagious and I couldn't be bothered. There is more comment, debate and information from the various blogs, twitter feeds and forums around eve than is coming from the CSM. Even the Town Hall seems like a afterthought being rushed out with less than a weeks notice. Frankly they've lost my interest.