Friday, August 24, 2012

Another Reason To Mine In Low Sec

While doing the Wildfire level 4 epic arc I ran across another reason to do low sec mining: nocxium.  Ore containing nocxium is found in high sec, but only in regions controlled by the Amarr and Caldari and their associated vassals like the Ammatar.  Sure, pyroxeres only yields a trace amount of the valuable mineral, but as long as a pilot does not have to evade the faction police mining some is pretty risk-free.  My problem is that I'm a Minmatar pilot aiming to get the Tempest Fleet Issue blueprint copy from an agent, which requires getting my Minmatar faction standings up to 9.9.  Think I can avoid getting in trouble with the Amarr Navy while doing that?  Me neither.

Mining in low sec solves that problem.  Actually mining in low sec solves the foolishness of mining in high sec unless I'm really bored, but that's a different subject.  Minmatar low security space has a wonderful rock called hedbergite that yields 708 isogen, 354 nocxium, 290 pyerite and 32 zydrine per 500 units refined.  A lot better than the 11 units of nocxium that pyroxeres yields.  The zydrine come in handy because I've developed a fondness for torpedoes since I started ratting in a Hound.  I have a quirk going back to my EverQuest 2 days that I like to manufacture my own ammunition.  If I start purchasing a second set of ammunition blueprints for use in low sec I'll probably stay in low sec more.

I'm sure some people will say I'm foolish to mine in low sec.  Not profitable enough, I'm told.  But I'm not doing this for the money.  I just am curious to find out if living the live of the low sec carebear is actually possible given the current rules set.  If Sugar Kyle can run high sec incursions and Mabrick move to a wormhole, I surely can give low sec living a go.


  1. Most of LS is so sparsely populated that it's even safer than HS was before mining ships got their buffs. I found HS islands were ideal, especially if they were nice sized pockets with stations. Rats are the biggest problem with LS mining.

    Just wait till you figure out where the real money is in LS.

  2. <3 Nosy...

    Don't forget to scan down the ABC grav sites while you're at it.

  3. "But I'm not doing this for the money" - funny how that can be more fun than just maximising ISK returns.

    that's the market hasn't changed much over the decade i've been watching it, relatively speaking of course. You really really don't get any benefit out of mining in low sec compared to the risk/benefit ratio.

    oh, CCP's new FOTW quote is about "rewards scaling with the risk" but they really don't know shit about their game, do they?

    so, no. if i find you mining in low sec i'll point you, give you a lecture on the evils of low sec mining, then pod you.