Friday, January 4, 2013

Time For A Change

I need to get standings with Brutor Tribe and Boundless Creations because they own the stations that are the focus of the Rens and Hek trade hubs and I really need to improve them if I want to do any serious business.  Boundless Creations I can run missions for in low sec but for Brutor Tribe they only hand out security missions and the only level 4 low sec missions are in Amamake.  Since I don't have a death wish I flew off to a high-sec system (ugh!) and asked an agent for a mission.  When the missions did not involve the Angel Cartel I just logged off.  I couldn't bear to even be bothered to change my resists.

This morning I had a revelation.  I've been using the same ships (a Maelstrom/Hurricane combination) for almost 2 years.  No wonder I hate security missions.  I need a change.

So what do I change to?  I've discovered running around low sec in a Bellicose that I love missiles.  I love them so much that I even have an NPC station set up as a missile production facility.  So that seems a given.  I've come up with two possible combinations.

The first combination is Drake/Drake.  With the advice from CCP to train both Destroyers and Battlecruisers to V I can fly all the races battlecruisers but I only have the skills outside Minmatar ships to fly the Drake.  That combination uses a lot of missiles but I don't mind mining an hour or two a week in low sec to keep the supply up.  Also, with the new UI, does that mean the NPCs will focus fire on one or split their fire?  Maybe I should find out.

The second combination keeps me firmly and safely encased in duct tape: Typhoon/Claymore.  Why those two?  While Retribution may have nerfed I think torpedoes received a buff.  So I could go with either a torp 'Phoon or a cruise missile 'Phoon.  I'll need to pick up the blueprints for cruise missiles if I go with the second option.  And why the Claymore?  One, I like the three gang links it can run.  And two I hear the ship has a pretty good tank.  That is important with the changes to the UI.  I envision that I could use the Typhoon to pick off long-range targets and set the Claymore as a decoy to draw off fire from the 'Phoon.  And if anything small gets close the Claymore can take care of that with autocannons.  Using drones with the current AI is something I only want to do with care.

I can always get some level 1 and 2 missions in low sec and run those also and I actually intend on doing so this year.  I'm thinking of running a Jaguar or the new destroyer in level 1s and the Bellicose in level 2s.  Maybe I'll get brave and run a Vagabond in level 3s.  But I really do need change because when talking to agents makes me want to log off that's a bad sign.  Especially when CCP won't let us kill agents who make us unhappy.


  1. Try Drake/Arty Hurricane. I've run Sleeper sites in a C2 with that combo and it works really well. Alternately, try AC Hurricane/Arty Hurricane.

    And yes, the only missiles that got nerfed (and it isn't as bad as ppl think) was heavies. Everything else got boosted in one form or another.

  2. My word, why use two ships for simple L4 missions ?

    Why bother changing resists (incoming dps isn't a big deal in L4's for a unitanked BS)Quite often I don't even turn on my hardeners and only have to occasionally pulse a shield repper (if actively fit)

    I've used tempest/maelstrom with either 800's or 1400's (depending on my mood, 800's are the quicker of the two, but I just love single shotting ships)

    To be honest, pick a system with 2 L4 agents (there are several) and odds are you can get at least one mission that involves angels.

    As for npc's and use of drones, I am currently running a rattlesnake (I have all racial BS to 5) and have near perfect drone skills, so the use of sentries, heavies, and lights depending on npcs and range give me all I need DPS (>900 dps) and more tank tnan I need. you just need to keep an eye on drones, high slots given to a remote shield can keep them alive. The size of the drone bay makes changing drones trivial.

  3. If your interest is in sec status only, go with level 3 missions. You can do them (important: decline Blockade, no matter what ship you choose) in the "stadard" Cynabal all-the-cool-kids-got-one shield fit. Or a shield fit SFI. I do them in a Daredevil with a gisti-B shield booster (fit to be stable) too.

    You will finish lvl 3s a LOT faster than lvl 4s and be able to gain sec status quicker. The trade off is lower payouts and LP, but not so bad as to make it useless. I've been playing for less than a year and am mostly a lazy PvPer but I can put a POS up in 6.0 and below Gallente and Matar space and have four corps I can purchase jump clones from. I've yet to run a level four solo. And absolutely no need to change resists.

    Seriously, look into it.

  4. Try Drake Bellicose. The TPs will help the drake a lot. Long range Bellicose and HAM drake, drake chases the rats Bellicose kites at long range.

    Better still would be torp raven and bellicose.

  5. If you want to boost your Brutor standings I recommend the level 3 agent in the Brutor Bureau in Abudban XI Moon 7. Level 3's may not make as much ISK but you run them faster so in my experience you actually make standings gains faster than you would with level 4's. That agent is also a locator agent and while it may not be useful to you yet having good standings with a locator agent maybe of some use in the future.