Monday, January 7, 2013

What's This Level 4 Mission Thing?

Hello, my name's Noizy and I'm horrible at Eve Online.

Now that I have that disclaimer out of the way I can now tell my tales of high sec mission running this weekend.  I'm working on my Brutor Tribe standings and the best way to raise them is to run level 4 security missions in Metropolis or Heimatar.  So I found a system with two level 4 agents, moved in my ships and a load of ammunition and went to work.

I've talked about finding new ships to mission in but that would mean shopping and playing with new fits and I just want to get the standings grind over.  So over the course of about 6-7 hours over the weekend I ran six security missions and one storyline mission.  The good news is that I somehow didn't lose any ships.  What makes me a horrible player is I didn't really realize how nice the payouts for running level 4 security missions are.

I always have periods when I run security missions for a month or so but I just ran them to kill time.  If I really wanted to grind standings I would run courier missions.  As far as making money my big money makers over the past two years were first planetary interaction and then, since June, my syndication deal with Eve News 24.  Mining?  Mission running?  I didn't do them unless I was bored.

I was a little surprised at how much I made.  For mission rewards and time bonuses I received 9.8 million ISK.  Not bad.  But the big money is in bounties.  I received 45.4 million ISK for killing NPCs.  I just added 55.2 million ISK to the money supply.

Did I state that the big money was is bounties?  Not from what I saw.  Since I'm bad at Eve I actually flew a Noctis into the sites when I finished and cleaned up the mess I made.  According to the automatic calculations in my Noctis' cargo hold I collected a total of 68.2 million in meta items and salvage.  I usually just keep the salvage for making rigs later but still, 123.4 million ISK for running a weekend's worth of missions?  Okay, maybe I need to learn how the game actually works.

Just to show how bad I am at Eve, once I finish my standings grind I'm going to head back to low sec.  Flying around high sec feels strange now and I just want to get back to all my nicely bookmarked low sec systems.  The only difference is now I have a monetary goal to shoot for when I'm playing.


  1. I would love to see you do a write up after doing a C5 or C6 escalation. I think you would find the isk to be a bit mind blowing for the amount of time it takes to run them properly.

  2. as for C6 3 escalation per site can grant you ~1b per site(950m bad ribbon drop, 1.2b good ribbon drop). If you got dread siege + web loki, blaping would be pretty fast.

  3. I think our c5 1 site with excalation yields 2bil for 3 days of farming one site.
    But then you need 1 t3, 2 carriers and 2 dreads to run them and a scout and then a salvager. Those ships cost about 2bil per capital and 1bil for the t3, noctis and scout is cheap really. But if you want to buy the characters to do it you also need a lot isk.

    It might sound like lots of money, but theres also a great risk involved and a big entry cliff.

    I think proper mission runners do about 100-150mil isk/h?
    I havent done it for quite a long time. Best i made was incursions ~60mil/h, missions were about 40 mil/h for me.

    If you want moneys, maybe blitzing lvl3 would be better for you.

  4. L4's, eh?

    And after you spend 6-7 hours to earn 125M ISK, you then realize that Incursion running in hisec for the same length of time would have netted you a PLEX.

    1. Do you really think the incursion fleets would let me fly with them for 1-2 hours, then log off and log back in 8 hours later? Because that's just about what I did this weekend.

  5. Don't forget to count in your LP's. A good generic isk/lp number is about 500 isk/lp. With some research you can probably find some stuff that gives higher. Some items can get you upwards of 3k isk/LP. Tags are a pain though.

    Since you'll be back in lowsec, it might be worth your time to look for lvl4 agents out there. You get way more LP, and as long as you keep on your directional scanner and stay aware of your surroundings, it's not as risky as people might tell you.