Monday, September 2, 2013

Jealous Of The Roboblogger

Have I ever mentioned how much I envy Ripard Teg's ability to pump out content on Jester's Trek?  I just bring this up because the post I originally planned for today turned into a two-day research project.  I guess that's what I get for having a three-day weekend due to the holiday here in the States.  Well, that and I've enjoyed the research and discovered a few interesting things, like CCP Stillman served on the first 2 Councils of Stellar Management.  But even with the side trips I'm sure Ripard would have finished in 2-3 hours instead of two days.  I really need to get more focused.  But on the bright side I'll have Wednesday's post finished tonight.


  1. Hey Nosy,

    You have a clear and distinctive "voice". You also cover a couple of point of interest that no one else seems to (botting and gaming stats), which I think is great.

    In all honesty, yours is a fine blog and a very good go to point for a great range of links. I'm sure you get a ton of hits as a result of your efforts.

    Jester is Jester. You're you. And in point of fact, I'll check your blog for updates before I check his.

    Keep on keeping on :)

  2. Ill back Helen on that one Nosy. You and Jester are in my top 5 list and are checked daily. Like Helena said, you are distinctly you... volume aint everything... (though Ripard does have the annoying ability to do Quaility at volume... the bastich... ) =]