Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Math Behind The Grind

For the last five weeks I've worked on raising my standings with the Minmatar in order to get a 2-run blueprint copy for a Tempest Fleet Issue battleship.  Last night I hit 9.75 (9.68 unmodified), or just 0.15 away.  Almost there, right?  Not really.

I'm all out of tricks.  No more COSMOS missions and no more tag turn ins.  At this point, even doing the level 1 Sisters of EVE epic arc mission is not attractive.  The arc takes a lot longer than I need to do the 32 regular missions to get 2 storyline missions.  The 8.75% faction gain just isn't worth the time investment.  The level 4 mission, which gives me a 12.5% faction standings boost since I have Social trained to 5, is worth doing because of all the ISK I received in addition to the standings.

The experienced missioner is probably thinking I'm nuts as 8.75% gain is pretty big.  But not when approaching the 9.9 needed to obtain the blueprint copy.  Taking that much time for only a 8.75% increase just isn't time efficient.  Let's look at the math.  First, what unmodified standing do I need to possess to have a modified standing of 9.9 with the Minmatar?  The formula as listed in the Evelopedia is...

s = (e-10*(0.04*c))/(1-0.04*c)

s = Base Standing
e = Effective Standing
c = Connections Level

Since my connections level is 5 and the effective standing I'm trying to achieve is 9.9, the unmodified standings I need to achieve is 9.875, or 9.88.  At this point, the Social skill only gives me a bonus of .02 to my standings.  But that's nothing to sneeze at given the difficulty of gaining standings at this level.

The security storyline missions give the greatest faction gain at 9.375% with the Social skill trained to 5.  How much will I gain if my next storyline mission is a security mission?  The formula for the standing increase is...

ns = ((10-s)*i)+s

ns = The New Standing (unmodified by the Connections skill)
s = Previous Standing (unmodified by the Connections skill)
i = Increase percentage in decimal form

According to the math, if my next storyline mission is a security mission, my unmodified faction standing will rise from 9.68 to 9.71 and the modified faction standing will rise from 9.75 to 9.77.  So for running 16 regular missions and 1 storyline mission, my standings will rise .02.  I did a little more math and found out that if I could just manage to get security missions from my storyline agent I'd only have to complete 10 more missions to get the faction needed for the BPC.

My current grinding plan involves doing 15 distribution missions in low sec, darting over to high sec to do one security mission to trigger the storyline agent, and then doing the storyline agent.  I'm doing the missions in high sec because as close as I am to my goal, I don't want to fail a mission and take a standings hit.  I managed to do the 17 missions in under 2 1/2 hours last night.

Managing to draw 10 security storyline missions in 11 months?  I don't even need 10 as I can do the level 4 epic arc mission 3 more times before my self-imposed deadline.  With a standings increase percentage of 12.5% that would knock the number of missions down to 7 or even 6.  So unless I get distracted by something shiny or run into an epic string of bad luck I should have this goal completed by next August.  With any type of good luck at all I could have my BPC by the end of the year.


  1. Why not just run Minmatar FW missions to get the Tempest Fleet Issues? Might only take you an evening or two to get enough LP. :)

  2. Actually the Faction gains you'd get from FW promotions which you'd gain quickly running lvl4 FW missions would probably be best option you have remaining for faction gain. The latter promotions have 20%+ Minmatar faction gain. And as noted above the LP you gained along the way would provide for some more BPCs or other items.

  3. Have you run the circle agents and data center agents? I'm not sure if you're lumping the data center agents in with all the other COSMOS missions.

  4. For pure standing grind it might be more effective to go with lvl 3 combat missions. If you have to chars able to use battle cruiser or even command ships, this mission go pretty fast. Especially if you use a sleipnir as this thing is simply a monster for lvl 3s.