Friday, December 6, 2013

ISK Seller Odds And Ends

Sometimes my blogging life gets a bit interesting.  I don't know about other bloggers, but I occasionally receive offers and other PR emails from companies wanting me to put some of their content on The Nosy Gamer.  The latest offer was pretty amusing.

I work for                    .com, a price comparison engine for PC and Xbox digital games. The CD keys (Steam, Origin, uPlay, Battlenet) are almost 50% off the normal price. We compare all the best cd key sellers like GreenManGaming, GamersGate, GamesRocket, G2Play, mmoga, etc...

I am contacting you to discuss if you would be interested in a partnership with us, as we wish to sponsor a PC game giveaway for your site's visitors.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon!

If you get an offer like this, please decline.  In amongst some of the legitimate GTC sellers I found RMT sites selling ISK.  That wasn't really a surprise since MMOGA is an ISK seller that a reader brought to my attention.  The site isn't even very competitive with CCP, which is the reason I actually mentioned the site and didn't black out the site's name.  So sorry, no free game giveaways here!

However, while investigating, I did find a new secondary market ISK seller.  That was good, because over the past 10-12 days two more RMT sites de-listed EVE Online and no longer sell ISK.  Last week Guy4Game stopped selling ISK.  In the last few days a company called MMORun followed suit.  These companies could change their minds at any time, which is why I usually try to wait before posting about this.  But so far, so good.

And don't think that CCP doesn't know that ISK sellers are experiencing interesting times.  I saw this tweet from CCP Stillman yesterday.

He knows that he and CCP Peligro are doing bad things to the illicit RMT sellers, but doesn't really know how bad.  Either that or just wanted someone to bring it up because he's too polite to talk smack directly.  At least that's what I got from this tweet:

The rise in prices for a couple of sites I've seen doesn't impact the median price on my list as Team Security hit the ones with the lowest prices.  A good strategy, as the smaller the difference between the "official" price in Jita and that offered by ISK sellers, the lower the incentive players have to go to a sketchy secondary RMT site.  And some of the sites are shady.  I removed one site from my monitoring list based on MMOBUX warning that the site was repeatedly getting reported for fraud.  I don't care that the reports were possibly for another game.  I want to monitor sites players actually go to for ISK.

I should also address the desire of some people who would like me to make a regular post about RMT or at least about ISK prices.  I don't really want to do that, and not just because I'll wind up with more letters like the one at the beginning of this post.  Often I'll take two or even three weeks to figure out what is happening.  If I try to post the figures every week I'll have no idea what is really happening.  Trying to figure out what's happening in the shadow war between CCP and the illicit RMT companies is difficult enough as it is.  Trying to do so on a weekly basis is a disaster waiting to happen.

One last item of business.  If anyone knows of an active ISK selling site, please shoot me an email.  The way the business is shaking out, I may need a replacement to plug into my watch list soon.


  1. RMT ISK prices? Who cares unless they are wanting to buy from the dark side.

    Hmm, what are you worth to CCP? A Nozy Nestor has a certain ring to it.

    1. I think you misunderstood the post.

  2. I think the biggest question is one that I know you have tried to address, but one that no one can give anywhere close to precise values on:

    Exactly how much ISK is being sold for exactly how much real money? How much ISK do groups like the goons sell to sites, or through real life direct sales of plexes, or whatever other means of illicit transfer?

    CCP can tell us how much ISK they confiscated, but we have no idea what percent that represents of the overall market, because I don't think anyone knows for sure, and groups like the goons sure as hell won't be making it public how much they make in real life.

    1. About the closest I've come is the amount of ISK up for auction at a popular gold selling site. The site allows players to auction off their gold/plat/isk/gil directly to other players. I've even seen it referenced in a paper on the subject of RMT. This morning there was 1.6 trillion ISK being sold by 11 sellers. Two weeks ago that amount was 10.6 trillion from 18 sellers. I'm keeping an eye on that site because that's about the best I can do. If everything works out, I hope to include those statistics in analysis in 2014.

  3. This is totally awesome, keep it Team Security, and the boys in EvE who "see something" and "say something" wilst jetting around outer space

  4. What do you think about the RMT scheme on
    Pay for content with ISK. Put content on site with ads. Get enough money to hire staff with real money...

  5. is one I've seen spamming local in a couple backwater stations.