Friday, December 20, 2013

The Minutes Are Coming?

For those interested in the CSM 8 Summer Summit minutes, your wait may finally come to an end next week.  I saw some interesting Tweets from CSM 8 member Ali Aras yesterday.

And later...

As far as I know the time and date is still up in the air, but CCP Dolan has committed to attending.  For those who can't attend live, the Space Hangupsouts are posted on Ali's Google Plus page.  I'd suggest either visiting the Google Plus page or following @ali_of_space on Twitter for more information.  Oh, and perhaps on the Eve-O forums, but I think the social media is possibly more reliable.


  1. *poke, poke* It's a hangout, not a hang up... unless you're implying something about the minutes. 8D