Thursday, December 26, 2013

Late Details On Space Hangout About CSM Minutes

I should have checked yesterday, but Ali Aras posted an update on the Space Hangout she will host on Google Plus today at 1900 EVE time.
"Folks may have noticed that the space hangout this week has been delayed. Why? I've been working on getting the CSM 8 minutes out, and scheduling with CCP Dolan to have him on.

"The CSM 8 summer minutes were delayed for a long, long time. That's frustrating for the CSM, for the community, and hurt people's confidence. CCP Dolan wants to overhaul the minutes as CCP has overhauled the voting system and stakeholder process (both successful). In this hangout, we'll be talking about the minutes process and what the minutes mean and do for the community, in order to make sure those functions are preserved and hopefully improve them.

"We'll be talking a bit about what went wrong this go 'round as well, but I want this to be a constructive conversation. Space will be a bit tight with CSM8s and CCP Dolan on as well; I'll initially leave the hangouts open as usual, but if it fills up, I'll have the Q&A system on for questions/comments and will bring people in from there. If you're just listening, this is a good one to watch on youtube or the G+ page instead of from inside the hangout."
If you go to her page you will see a Q&A button on the player.  I believe that is where people can post questions ahead of time.  Also, for the time conversion challenged, it looks like Google Plus will convert the time to your local time.


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