Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Rainy Days And Battleships

Talkin' to myself and feelin' old
Sometimes I'd like to quit
Nothing ever seems to fit
Hangin' around
Nothing to do but frown
Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.

The lyrics to this old Carpenters hit didn't just pop into my head because the weather forecast calls for rain in Chicago today.   I started thinking this way after reading CCP Rise's latest post on the new Sisters of EVE battleship, the Nestor.  No cloak bonus, but I bet it will do a wonderful job running high-sec ghost sites.  And really, I think everyone knows we will see them used for that purpose.  Any bets cloaky ships will follow Nestor's around looking for an opportunity to call in a gank fleet?

But you will not find me among the victims.  I have over 250,000 loyalty points, enough for 2 Asteros, 1 Stratios and the associated Sisters Probe Launchers and probes to fit them.  I won't race to have 600,000 LP for when patch 1.1 comes out.

Once Rubicon launched I pretty much lost all desire to fly battleships.  I guess I really didn't like them before.  I've flown a Maelstrom for a couple of years running missions in high sec, but that's about it.  Considering how much I like staying in high sec to begin with, that's also not a lot of time over the past year.  I purchased a Typhoon last February but except for flying the ship out of the trade hub, I haven't used it.  I also still have a 2-run BPC for the Tempest Fleet Issue.  Getting the BPC was the fun part.  Actually flying one?  Meh.  About the only battleship I'm interested in flying is the Panther.  I still need to learn higher levels of Jump Portal Generation and Jump Fuel Conservation, but I can fly one.  In fact, I have the skills to fly every Minmatar sub-capital ship.

Anyone who reads the blog regularly knows I love the Prowler, with the Cheetah coming in second place.  I like fast, cloaky ships.  Battleships just seem so slow and clumsy.  I think I'll just stay away from them for awhile.  I'll train the rest of the racial battleship skills on my combat pilot eventually.  But for now I'll just concentrate on my frigate and cruiser skills.  They just seem a better fit for me.

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  1. "I like fast, cloaky ships."

    Same here, I love Prowlers for trading and I really like Manticores, Hounds and Cheetahs too. Tengus are nice too a bit on the slow side. The only battleships I'll probably ever fly are Black Ops and maybe Rattlesnakes. Anything bigger (and slower) really doesn't interest me at all.