Friday, April 4, 2014

CSM Election Information: 28 March - 3 April 2014

The elections for EVE Online's 9th Council of Stellar Management are scheduled to begin on Tuesday, 8 April.  I say scheduled, because a dev blog was supposed to come out on Thursday with the official list of candidates and a lot more information about the election mechanics.  That information was not released kind of screws up this week's post, because I wanted to go through and point out some of the highlights for people while they are hopefully making some decisions.  Now, we don't even know who's running and who didn't have valid passports.

Since CCP has not put out the official information, I can just point out a couple of things to look forward to.  First, expect a massive amount of blog posts endorsing candidates on Monday.  Since Dinsdale called me out in the comments last week, I'll publish my list Monday also. 

Next, expect candidates to start publishing their lists of other candidates they think you should vote for in addition to themselves.  Based on last year's election, a lot of candidates are making deals trying to take full advantage of the single transferable vote process.  Also, expect the null sec blocks to send out voting lists to their alliance members.  While the null sec blocs have the organizational advantage, they are only so big.  A small turnout benefits them greatly.  A large turnout should result in less bloc candidates winning if the voters in Empire (high and low sec) turn out and vote for non-bloc candidates.  Of course, any further delay may hinder the campaigns as well.

If the candidate list comes out tomorrow, I don't expect a delay in the election.  If the list doesn't come out until Monday, I don't see how the election starts Tuesday.  CCP does have a few days leeway, but any delay is really pushing the success of the process.  I don't know how much time is required to tally the votes.  The STV system does require more time to tally, but I don't know how much more.  We may actually see the election period to shrink to under two weeks.

For this week, I will just list the latest podcasts that came out over the past week.  Sorry to all of the bloggers and YouTubers who came out with content.  For everyone wanting a list of blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels and Google Hangout sites for each of the candidates, I have the full list on the blog here.  If the list appears today, I'll update the page when I get home and remove all of the candidates who have dropped out of the race.

Cap Stable Podcast Interviews

Declarations of War
 Legacy of a Capsuleer Interviews
Radio VFK


  1. I look forward to your list.

    At the moment, I see no one who will champion the casual player nor the high sec player. Yes, I am aware that Mike Azariah is running again, but he seems far to sanguine about the constant attacks on high sec for me to believe he truly believes or defends that gamestyle.

    1. I will definitely give you the lack of high sec representatives or those who represent the casual player. And admittedly I don't find that many candidates that I will endorse. But I think I can recommend more than Mike this year.

      And for Mike, he did manage to stem the tide when a lot of people wanted to nerf drone assist into the ground. He made the case for how incursion runners use drone assist and CCP kept that use case in the game. And that was very recent. That has to count for something with you, right?

    2. Actually Noizy, I am not positive it was he alone, or exactly how much he fought against it. If my reading was correct, Malcanis, of all people, also defended reducing the nerf.

      I am waiting for the next shoe to drop as we have at least one more dev blog coming out with pre-announcements of game changes for June. I want to see what high sec also loses in the next release. If manufacturing slots are hammered as much as I fear, I will know that Mike does not care about the high sec player, or casual player, as they are a key source of manufacturing slots for both.

  2. Dinsdale, the only time I've run across you in game is a dead end system in nullsec. Do you live in null or high?

    1. I live primarily in high sec these days, though I just spent 2 hours exploring in low sec. I have lived in C3, C4, and C5 wh's, and fought sov wars in null. But I am back in high sec as a base of operations at the moment. I think that gives me some perspective on what the largest segment of the subscription base is like.

  3. List is out, not 100% complete:

    there are a surprise or two in there