Friday, April 11, 2014

CSM Election Information: 4-10 April 2014

The elections for EVE Online's 9th Council of Stellar Management have begun.  Not only did CCP Dolan publish a dev blog making that announcement last Friday, but published the non-NDA'd portions of the Winter Summit minutes the same day.

The interface has changed to make voting a straight party ticket much easier this year.  I believe the rationale is that the major blocs will figure out a way to introduce automation into the voting process so open that automation to the public.  CCP Dolan included instructions for doing so...
"Veteran Voters will notice some improvements to our voting interface. We've added a multiple search and sort function to our candidate search bar. Simply place a comma in between the names of the candidates you'd like to search for (no spaces) and they will all be brought to the top of your ballot page. Additionally, we know a lot of voters like to share their prefered [sic] candidates with their friends and assosciates, [sic] so now when you search for candidates the URL in your browser will change on-the-fly. Once you have a search that you like, simply have your friends copy and paste the URL into their browsers (make sure they are logged in first) and then they are free to drag the candidates into their ballot in whatever preference order they wish."
The Mittani, in an admitted piece of propoganda published on TMC, sent the world this message...
"It's CSM season again, and voting has opened. Thankfully CCP has made it very easy to vote with multiple accounts; once you enter your roster of 14 aspiring spaceship politicians the first time, for each account you log in those same selections remain. Vote early, vote often - and vote the appropriate ballot which we have carefully selected for you.

"We've got a very strong roster this year including a number of independent candidates, as well as GSF heavyweights Sion Kumitomo and Mynnna, not to mention favored ALOD-writer Angry Mustache. Given how poor a job CCP did with getting the CSM8 minutes out the door, my personal take on this election is that turnout will be at an all-time low. If I'm right, that's hilarious news for the CFC, because there's nothing this coalition does quite like marching and voting in lockstep. In a low turnout situation, the impact of organization, unity and force is magnified. Even if you don't care about the CSM, vote the way we tell you to, simply because it'll make a gaggle of shitlords who hate us very, very angry should we succeed."
I should add that word is spreading that Brave Newbies is voting en masse for Awoxing Pizza-Spymaster McBlushooter in addition to their official candidate, which means in a low turnout election that this apparent joke candidate, thanks to the single transferable vote system used for the CSM elections, has a real shot at earning a seat on the player-run council. 

For as long as I can remember Dierdra Vaal has run a site decided to matching players to candidates and this year is no different.  Eve Vote Match is now up and running for those looking for another way to find candidates to vote for.

This week, in addition to the latest podcast efforts that came out during the last week, I have added a section full of endorsements for those still deciding for who to vote.

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  1. The name notwithstanding (which frankly, can be explained by considering that BNI is made up as much from newbies as it is alts of vets...), I think it's probably a mistake to assume Awoxing is a "joke candidate." While he's gotten very little attention in his thread he does seem to be taking what he does get seriously.

  2. Abstain from voting. Join the majority of players and show CCP what you really think of the farce that is the CSM.

  3. Hey, even if this fellow you mentioned is a joke candidate, he would be better than another null sec cartel mouthpiece on the CSM. A loaf of bread would be better than mynnna #2, or 4, or however many are on the CSM8 and will be on 9.

  4. I know my profile as a blogger is quite low, but for what it's worth, here are my endorsements:

    I didn't bother publishing my 10-14 votes as the voting strength is so low as to make it insignificant.

  5. While he's gotten very little attention in his thread he does seem to be taking what he does get seriously.
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  6. but for what it's worth, here are my endorsements:

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