Friday, December 12, 2014

CSM Wire: Covering The CSM X Election

While CCP Leeloo has not officially launched the campaign season for the next election for the Council of Stellar Management, internet spaceship politicians are throwing their (out-of-game) hats into the ring already.  So far, 23 candidates have made announcement posts in the CSM Campaigns section of the official EVE Online forums.

For the CSM 9 election held earlier this year I created a page on the blog to give some basic information about the hopefuls running for one of the fourteen slots.  This year, I have a Google site, CSM Wire, created especially to display information about the CSM, its members, and elections.  I kept the news up to date for about the first month of CSM 9's term, but they just did so much I couldn't keep up.

Well, I plan to start supplying the feed again this weekend.  I've also created a page with candidate information that I plan to keep up to date.  So far, I've pasted the announcement thread of all the candidates plus tried to get the RSS feed of the candidates' EVE-O forum posts to display.  "Tried" is the operative word as the site is not entirely reliable.  I believe the problem is the feed is timing out.  I may wind up also providing the direct link to the RSS page.  I know that works as I've tested the link in IE, Firefox, and Chrome.

If anyone has any ideas on what I should cover, leave a suggestion in the comments.  This year I have a bit of time to prepare something a little more useful than last year.  Just don't go overboard, because I still want to play EVE a couple of hours a week.  The CSM takes up a lot of time, even if all one does is cover the news.


  1. Exchanges of interviews. We are not all going to ask the same questions.

    (self plug : )

    I have a page created for 'other resources' as well, so far links to the csm announcement forums, your csm wire site and my page

    On CSM Wire Lorelei's page should probably belong with the other CSMX

  2. Okay, so whenever a podcast does an interview, put it on the candidate's page like I did last year and then list it in the news feed.

    And I'll look at Lorelei's page. It should have been in with the other candidates already.