Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Casino War: Enter The Legion

Imperium propaganda is painting its enemies as in the pay of dirty ISK sellers. I am not sure that is the propaganda angle to take. Of course, I am biased because the Goon/SMA propaganda is making me more cautious about reporting on illicit RMT in EVE right now. I don't want people to think I follow the Goon party line. Given some of the extremely sketchy stunts they've pulled lately, staying away from them is probably a prudent decision. Also, I really dislike the use of RMT as a propaganda weapon.

Now, on to the fighting in Fade.

The NPC Kills From 0300 24 Feb to 0300 25 Feb

After 4-5 days of Pandemic Horde softening up the target constellations of 7X-X1Y and VNX-P0 in Fade through the use of cloaky camping, the more experienced forces of Pandemic Legion, WAFFLES., Spaceship Samurai, Psychotic Tendencies, The-Culture, and The OSS launched an assault on four systems. From reading some sites, the current push from Cloud Ring into Fade is the first time Pandemic Legion has made its presence felt in the region.

Timer Schedule For The Weekend
The sovereignty structures are set to come out of reinforced Friday evening in the US time zone. The infrastructure hubs in three of the four systems were reinforced. I can only imagine that SMA managed to save the iHub in FIO1-8. Destroying and replacing the iHubs with their own is a part of the overall strategy of reducing the Activity Defense Modifiers. Infrastructure hubs not only contain system upgrades which can make the maintenance of the ADM easier, but also holds the strategic index. The destruction of an iHub can lower the ADM of a system by as much as 1, which in the systems under assault is a significant blow to the defender.

I realize the war isn't very exciting so far, but a major effort to evict an Imperium alliance from its home region is nothing to ignore. I'll try to find interesting things about null sec mechanics for those, like myself, who don't like bubbles. Who knows, maybe something interesting will happen.

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