Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Things Are Getting Interesting In Thera

I really need to take a break from doing the CSM coverage. The work is interesting, but activity is starting to pick up in Signal Cartel.

First, we marked our first birthday with a day-long party. Where was I? That's right, doing election stuff. I don't want to say we're a little different, but let's fact it, we are. One of the events included Hug-dropping unsuspecting ratters and miners. What's a hug drop? Someone made a "PvP" video, which is below.

It's Hug-Drop O'Clock

For those unfamiliar with Signal Cartel and our alliance, Eve-Scout Enclave, we sometimes are described as space hippies. We have our credo, which means accepting that losses happen and to just have fun. But also treat everyone with respect. The whole idea is that we are a service corporation serving the game by maintaining, a board we keep updated with a list of connections into and out of Thera, the only wormhole currently with stations. As such, we attempt to maintain a neutral and non-threatening stance towards all, even those who wardec us.

On Monday, an email from Chance Ravinne, a member of the current Council of Stellar Management, found itself on EVE Skunk. For those who don't know, people try to read each others mail in EVE. The old method was to insert spies into an enemy corporation. For a few years now, though, EVE Skunk has provided that type of intelligence for free. Here is the contents:

Delivery Agents,

As our alliance nears 600 pilots(!!!), we as an organization face challenges and opportunities we have not previously ever had to consider.

-How can we hope to deny gloating rights to the unscrupulous Marmite warmongers along trade hubs we frequent?
-How can we fully take advantantage of the massive delivery capabilities of our combined fleet?
-What can we do, as a growing organization, to serve the community of New Eden?
-What can the corporation's executives do to better supply our delivery agents?

These are no small matters, and ones that must be approached with caution lest we lose our identity as a politically neutral covert ops delivery corporation. And yet, we must address them, or we become nothing more than a few hundred pilots with the same letters in the brackets following our names.

Taking all of these matters into consideration, I believe the answer to these questions is Thera.
SETTING UP SHOPMany of our pilots have sought to buy, store, and move assets from stations without having to deal with wardec corps who take advantage of hisec mechanics to make our deliveries exceedingly difficult. We've also had issues forming up for fabulous opportunities; after all not every Rattlesnake ratting target will be within 20 jumps of Jita or Amarr!

So starting immediately, WINGSPAN executive operations will be based out of Thera. This means that for all scheduled operations, with minor exceptions, you can expect Thera will be the starting system.

No need to join fleet first or ask "how many jumps is X from staging system?" The answer is "Zero, because it's in Thera."

WINGSPAN will also be establishing offices in Thera stations, with the long-term goal of storing ammunition, speciality ships, boosters, and other high-demand products for immediate access.

TAKING OUT THE TRASHNow for the unacquainted, Thera was founded as a special type of wormhole system: an enormous region with dozens of wormhole connections, as well as stations (yes, stations) owned by the Sisters of EVE. Upon its discovery, it was thought Thera would become a "new Jita," a trade and transit hub for wormhole explorers like us.

But Thera has been besmirched by groups of players who sought to terrorize locals (including the local Signal Cartel, whose explorers provide invaluable information to Tripwire on routes in and out of Thera's many connections). These malicious and highly unprofessional gankers (many of them are 15 years old!) have rendered Thera inhospitable to civilized pilots.

Chief among these groups is V0LTA, a 130-boy corporation who have dominated Thera uncontested. They've worked with AQUILA INC, a smiliarly minded organization. Using brute force they've subdued smaller groups, but have never faced an equal or larger organization, let alone one as persistent, dogged, and cloaky as WINGSPAN.

I respect V0LTA's work as a ganking corporation. I respect it so much that I am personally ordering INFINITE TORPEDOES, DRONES, AND CHARGES BE DELIVERED TO THEM for as long as it takes for them to accept our gifts as an early retirement package.

For the purposes of this mission, I am setting Signal Cartel to Neutral (+0) as their scanning services will make our operations 100x easier. I therefore ask that Signal pilots not be fired upon within Thera, though feel free to send them as many torpedoes as you'd like the second they're out of that system!

Saria and our FCs will, I'm sure, provide more information to follow regarding operations details.

A BETTER TOMORROWEstablishing a foothold in Thera and clearing it of other delivery organizations will accomplish many worthwhile goals for WINGSPAN as an organization.

First, by providing content in the form of the elimination of Thera's worst bottom feeders. We can help Thera can become the spooky superhighway it was always meant to be, and we will have unlimited wormhole chains at our desposal to explore.

For the enterprising salespeople among us, the market of Thera will prove lucrative. Sell scan probes at 300% markup! Or perhaps be the nice guy/gal and contract bombers to your WINGSPAN colleagues. Or hell, do both!

It should also be noted that Boosters can be found in great supply in Thera, on account of #NoRulesInWspace.

Finally, I believe basing scheduled operations out of Thera will give our less experienced pilots (and certainly the veterans too) a much deeper knowledge of wormhole space, astrometrics, and WHAT A MARKET HUB IS LIKE WHEN MARMITE ISN'T ON EVERY UNDOCK. Sure there will be 100 cloaked Proteuses there, but half of them will be ours!

AS YOU LIKE IT As with all WINGSPAN corporate initiatives, your participation is completely voluntary. You remain free as a delivery professional to operate from wherever you like. I only ask that you consider the benefits outlined above before striking this path from your possibility. Working together, we can make WINGSPAN a better corporation; we can make Thera a better system. And we can make our pilots better prepared to handle their quotidian task of finding new customers throughout wormhole space.

With that said, I'd like to thank everyone who participates, in advance, for their help. I look forward to joining you in these important delivery matters!

Chance Ravinne // WINGSPANTT 
"The Guy Who Is Somehow In Charge"

Of course, our local PvP corporations, known collectively as the Therabois, soon read the leaked EVE-mail and published their own response:

View post on

So we will soon see WINGSPAN Delivery Service vs. the Therabois, with Signal Cartel flying around trying to maintain an up-to-date listing of all the wormholes leading into and out of Thera. I also imagine we shall see some other corporations, or even alliances, try to honorably third party some of the fights. And to make things interesting we will fly with snowballs and fireworks in our holds. After all, we wouldn't want to hurt anyone.

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