Monday, February 29, 2016

The CSM 11 Election Starts Today

The election for EVE Online's 11th iteration of the Council of Stellar Management begins today and runs through March 25th. For those who don't know the types of things the CSM discusses with CCP, the minutes from the winter summit are now available, HERE.

For me, the process ended last night as I participated in the last two analysis shows on CSM Watch. The podcast, a spin-off of the Cap Stable podcast, attempted to interview as many candidates as possible. This year, CSM Watch interviewed 36 candidates, of whom 31 made the final ballot. Hopefully by tomorrow the staff will post the remaining two interviews and two analysis shows still undergoing editing.

Another group that does a tremendous job of covering the CSM candidates is EVE_NT. The website of the popular EVE_NT player gatherings in Nottingham now has a news service that covers EVE Online events, including the CSM election. Congratulations to Tiberius StarGazer for a job well done.

In addition, EVE-Guardian and the Declarations of War podcast also provided coverage and may still have coverage to post. I'll add a plug for my own Google site, CSM Wire. While the site is not as active as last year, I have updated the election page with information from the above listed sources.

If anyone has any additional sources of information or podcasts concerning the election, please post them in the comments below. Right now, I'm tired and just want to get some sleep.

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