Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Casino War: Deklein and FCon Departs

Just a short post concerning the war. Fidelas Constans, one of two Imperium alliances that called Branch home, left the Imperium last night. Wilhelm has a post up over at The Ancient Gaming Noob concerning the situation in the Imperium.

Also, the Money Badger incursions into Deklein now look like an actual invasion looking to take sov.

I realize that with Goonswarm setting its timers during the Australian time zone that the fights listed on the map are outdated before this post is published. To see the results, just refer to the map above and compare it to the live map on Dotlan. But I figure if Goonswarm puts up a determined stand that someone should record the action somehow. I think maps may make a good medium.

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