Monday, April 4, 2016

The Casino War: Fade In Flames

A lot happened over the weekend in the conflict many call "World War Bee". In Tenal, DRONE WALKERS almost completely pushed the absent The Initiative. out of the eastern constellations of 2-ZRM0, GFE-SS, and 9P57-V. The DRONE WALKERS lost an opportunity to attack Razor Alliance space due to the DDoS attack Saturday night/Sunday morning and spent most of Sunday reinforcing space in the constellations of M-J57M, TJ10-O, and 09-4XW.

In Branch, Out of Sight. led a Money Badger Coalition charge into the north-east corner of the region and established a bridgehead in UQ9-3C. The anti-Imperium side also freeported the outpost in next-door VL3I-M and in the southern system of LXWN-W. The fighting at the end was done with the passive mode regeneration mechanic. Apparently, FCON is preparing to evacuate Branch.

In Vale of the Silent, the Russians made a major appearance as Legion of xXDeathXx led Geminate-based alliances Infinity Space. and Advent of Fate into the eastern and south-eastern sections of the region. As always, we can only guess what is in the mind of the Russian powers.

For me, however, the big news is the crumbling of resistance from SpaceMonkey's Alliance after weeks of stalwart defense.

After the map was created, the MBC destroyed the SMA iHub in VRH-H7

On Sunday, 22 outposts, territorial control units, and infrastructure hubs came out of reinforcement and SMA lost 20 of the capture events. To add insult to injury, the Money Badger forces won the first 19 events and then seemed to lose interest. For example, instead of finishing the last three events, Pandemic Horde apparently went to attend their training classes. That they still managed to destroy the SMA iHub in VRH-H7 even after taking a couple of hour break is just one indication of the effort SMA put into the defense of the region yesterday.

The big change is that the MBC managed to capture all but two TCUs in the 7X-X1Y constellation, with an opportunity to capture the three outposts they freeported on Sunday. Pandemic Horde also established a foothold in the UWRZ-2 constellation, one of the two entrances between Deklein and Fade. With 44 capture events scheduled to occur within 48 hours of the publication of this post, the future of SpaceMonkey's Alliance could change drastically by the time everyone wakes up on Wednesday.

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