Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Return To Lowsec

I keep reading and listening to people say lowsec is dying. Apparently, if big groups with shiny and expensive toys can't live in the security band, then the area will soon become a desolate, barren area populated by tech 1 cruisers, the Frigate Menace™, and scavengers picking through the scraps CCP leaves as the developers cater to the null sec cartels. Did someone say scavengers?

I spent most of the last 6-8 months mostly in high security space, with a little time spent mining in low and null, acquiring a Nestor. I thought about making ISK grinding out and selling a Nestor a month, but that idea died with the crashing market for pirate battleships. So since the next item on my list of things to do is learn how to fly recons in totally ridiculous ways (i.e. doing PvE), I think a return to low sec is warranted.

If I return to lowsec, I'll have more on my mind than using recons to run the combat sites. I will, of course, mine. I have a crazy, impractical, long-range idea of getting excellent standings with all of the NPC corps that send out mining fleets.

From the Ascension patch notes
I already have the standings with the Minmatar Mining Corporation and Thukker Mix, but the Vherokior Tribe doesn't have mining agents. That's where the recons come into the picture, if I don't decide to just run distribution missions for a couple of days.

I think the new shiny CCP is dangling in front of players to entice them into mining in low sec is moon mining. Good! Hopefully that idea will distract the elite PvPers of low sec into concentrating on moons and leave the belts alone as not worth the effort. What's a sexier kill mail, a Procurer or a Rorqual? Oh, who am I kidding? I don't foresee a lot of moon mining occurring in lowsec.

If I am going to carebear it up in low sec, I'll need to do two other things. The first is run mining missions. I did a little research last night and lowsec has some nice level 4 mining agent hubs. The biggest one I found so far has 9 agents in one system. I could make some serious ISK long term in that system. The second is set up planetary interaction colonies again. I don't think I've done PI in over two years, maybe even three. But I think I'll need the extra money living in low.

I'll firm up my plans once I get back home from Fanfest. I might even learn some things that could help while in Reykjavik. But since Lowsec is Dying™, I probably picked the right time to return.

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