Monday, March 6, 2017

CSM 12: How To Vote And Starting Thoughts

The election for EVE Online's 12th Council of Stellar Management begins today and runs through the 26th. The single transferrable vote process used in the election is complicated, so CCP produced a video on how to vote.

The podcasters, streamers, and bloggers have worked hard to get as much information ready by today because most people vote in the first three days. However, the work does take a toll, at least for me. I've spent so much time trying to put everything together that I don't have a list of endorsements. I read every campaign post, every ballot statement, watched all of the Talking in Stations CSM conversations, and a lot of the content put out by the other podcasts.  But systematically comparing the candidates to each other? Nope.

This year, I am only convinced of one thing: Aryth from Goonswarm Federation will win a seat. Everything else is up in the air. The more votes that are cast, the greater the chaos that will ensue. Or perhaps turnout will once again only reach 22,000 and everything will come out as expected.

I'll probably vote sometime next week after I get a chance to think about things a little more. If anyone is looking for more information on the candidates, I'll suggest visiting my CSM Wire site. Until I figure out who I will vote for, the site has most of the information I've gathered on all 64 candidates.

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