Friday, March 24, 2017

CSM 12 Election: Last Minute Endorsements

The voting for the 12th Council of Stellar Management ends on Monday at 0000 UTC. While historically most players vote in the first 2-3 days, voting sees a spike on the final day. So for those who want to vote but don't want to scroll through 64 candidates, I'll go through the candidates I voted for on my three accounts.

1. Roedyn - Roedyn tops my list for two reasons. The first is that I like the idea of the 3 candidate "High Sec Bloc". If one of the members of the High Sec Bloc, Roedyn, commander aze, or Toxic Yaken, win a seat, then we may see more teamwork from people outside of null sec in the future.

The second reason is that Roedyn knows a lot about markets and trading. He used to write a market column for Eve-NT and also did quite well for those who gave him ISK to invest. Roedyn is also involved in attacking citadels in high sec, which gives him a unique perspective compared to those used to dealing with the huge structures in more dangerous areas of space. From everything I can see, structure development will still matter greatly on the roadmap over the next year.

2. commander aze - I like candidates who grow, and over the past few years commander aze really grew in terms of EVE. His campaign this year reminds me of Mike Azariah's run in 2013 when he finally won a seat for CSM 8.

Successful CSM members need to have a varied background, and commander aze qualifies on that score. Currently he runs an alliance out of a C2 wormhole with a large high sec presence due to the new players he recruits. Introducing new and Alpha players who cannot use cloaking devices to wormhole life is thinking way outside the box. Commander aze also is involved in NPSI fleets as a Spectre Fleet FC and the captain of last year's Spectre Fleet alliance tournament team.

3. Toxic Yaken - Toxic Yaken is the third member of the High Sec Bloc who recently joined a smaller null sec alliance. While he has not displayed the variety of a Roedyn or commander aze, his work on the Wardec Project shows his ability to reach out to players with different play styles than his. He may lose votes as his background is as a high sec wardeccer and a ganker.

4. Scylus Black - Scylus is a player involved in the Caldari militia since 2012. He served as the former CEO of CCDM and was the former alliance Executor of Templis CALSF. When I look at low sec candidates, I want to see ones who actually live in the security band and don't just cruise though looking to PvP. Scylus Black fits the bill and probably has a good chance of winning a seat on the CSM.

5. Erika Mizune - Erika is someone who is a null sec candidate who is more involved in industry and jump freighter logistics rather than PvP. She would have won a seat on CSM 11 except that when the election was rerun after Apothne dropped out for health reasons, she dropped from 13th to 15th. Once again, I figure that industry will matter in the next year and that Erika will have the opportunity to regularly contribute.

6. Djavin Novienta - Djavin is a self-described high sec carebear in EVE University. He won me over with his interview with Matterall on Talking in Stations. Djavin fulfills support roles within EVE University including recruiting and as a wiki curator. Sometime soon the corp and alliance tools will finally see upgrades and I think Djavin will provide valuable feedback in that area. I also like the perspective that a high sec carebear will bring to the council.

7. White 0rchid - White 0rchid is a low sec candidate in WAFFLES. who also has experience in EVE University. The quality that led me to put White 0rchid on the list was his developer skills, which could come in handy.

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