Friday, March 3, 2017

CSM 12 Election Begins Monday

Monday begins the three week voting period for the 12th Council of Stellar Management. The CSM is a group of players elected by the player-base that gets access to sensitive development material and offers feedback that hopefully leads to good decisions.

According to the rules of the election, people can vote for up to 10 candidates to fill the 10 seats up for grabs. If a voter doesn't have 10 candidates in mind, voting for one is perfectly acceptable. Some will claim that not filling all slots is a waste. Don't listen to them.

But how does one choose a candidate? I created a Google site, CSM Wire, that lists a lot of information about the 64 candidates running this year. The site contains the candidates' ballot statements, EVE Online forum posts announcing their candidacies, and links to media events like podcast appearances and text interviews.

For those that don't want to go to the website, below are all of the podcasts and interviews I've found with content as of about midnight.  I know that EVE_NT will release more of their written interviews today and over the weekend. Also, the second set of Statecraft CSM Debates moderated by JEFFRAIDER will be broadcast on Sunday.


Broadcasts From The Ninveah - Podcasts
Crossing Zebras - Podcasts
Declarations of War - Podcast  -  (Note: Jin'taan is a co-host of the podcast)
EVE Online Podcast (German Language) - Podcast
Talking in Stations - Soundcloud - YouTube - Twitch - 1500 Saturdays
The Mind Clash Podcast - Podcast  -  (Note: Kael Decadence is a co-host of the podcast)
The Open Comms Show - Twitch - 0200 Saturdays

Broadcasts From The Ninveah

Crossing Zebras:
Ashterothi - Interviews

JEFFRAIDER - Statecraft CSM Debates
Episode 34A - Sullen Decimus, Steve Ronuken, Carbon Alabel, Roedyn, Kalen Tsero
Episode 34B - Jonatan Reed, Noobman, Xenuria, White 0rchid, commander aze
Episode 34C - Suitonia, Killah Bee, rhiload Feron-drake, Dancul1001, Toxic Yaken

Declarations of War:

EVE Online Podcast:

Open Comms Show
February 10 - Sullen Decimus, Noobman, Roedyn, Suitonia

TiS Lounge CSM Series - Interviews
bardghost Isu - Soundcloud - YouTube
Bobmon - Soundcloud - YouTube
Capri Sun KraftFoods - Soundcloud - YouTube
Claevyan - Soundcloud - YouTube
commander aze - Soundcloud - YouTube
Djavin Novienta - Soundcloud - YouTube
Eduard Teach - Soundcloud - YouTube
Erika Mizune - Soundcloud - YouTube
Gecko Hareka - Soundcloud - YouTube
HiGive Gudhead - Soundcloud - YouTube
Jin'taan - Soundcloud - YouTube
Jonatan Reed - Soundcloud - YouTube
Jonn Duune - Soundcloud - YouTube
JTClone Ares - Soundcloud -  YouTube
Kalen Tsero - Soundcloud - YouTube
mikal Rotineque - Soundcloud - YouTube
rhiload Feron-drake - Soundcloud - YouTube
Roedyn - Soundcloud - YouTube
Scylus Black - Soundcloud - YouTube
Solidus Obscura - Soundcloud - YouTube
Toxic Yaken - Soundcloud - YouTube
Vincent Eneticum - Soundcloud - YouTube
White 0rchid - Soundcloud - YouTube

The following articles concerning individual candidates have been published.

Crossing Zebras - Cosmo's What You Missed This Week
December 25, 2016 - CapriSunKraftfoods, Erika Mizune, Borat Guereen, Jonn Duune, mikal Rotineque, Rapid Blue
January 9, 2017 - commander aze
January 22, 2017 - Killah Bee, Vince Draken, Arenthor Doran, Roedyn
January 30, 2017 - Suitonia, Dancul1001, Vic Jefferson, Toxic Yaken
February 5, 2017 - Jin'taan, Steve Ronuken, Xenuria, Ariel Rin, Leyanora Varkain, Terandria Starsong
CSM Candidates Roundup 6-12 February - Sort Dragon, The Judge, Sullen Decimus, Vince Draken, Kalbuir Skirate, Fawlty7, rhiload, Kael Decadence, White 0rchid, DJ-Thomas, JTClone Ares, Kalen Tsero, Scylus Black, Jonatan Reed, Lorelei Ierendi, Frezinviper, Djavin Novienta, Brianum, Vincent Eneticum, Lillik Eoner, Gecko Hareka, bardghost Isu, Claevyan
CSM Candidates Roundup 13-17 February - Noobman, Ncc 1709, Carbon Alabel, Stellan Crendraven, Quince Rin

EVE_NT Interviews

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