Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Emerging Conduits: Stumbling Into Content

I suspect that those who don't follow the EVE news are happier people. Even happier are those in high security space. Except for the occasional Burn Jita, not much really bad happens. Ah, that life seems wonderful. No worrying about what Hilmar and Berger (CCP Burger, the creative director for EVE) were up to in a sauna in Finland. Blissfully unaware of the antics of The Mittani and the other null sec oligarchs. Someone whose enjoyment of the game isn't sucked out of them faster than a fully faction fit Bhaalgorn can drain the capacitor from an Atron by the toxicity of the EVE Online sub-Reddit.

I know, I know. I chose to become a blogger. Overall, the good has far outweighed the bad. But the recent hurricane coverage has taken a toll. So much data, so little time. I found a refuge from the storm in Final Fantasy XIV, but between blogging an the online class I'm taking, playing video games at all just doesn't happen during the week.

Last Wednesday night, with the post about Hurricane Hilmar published and my classwork complete, I decided to log into EVE Online. At a minimum, I needed to update the clients on both my computers, since I did not log in on patch day. When I logged in as Rosewalker, I found myself in a high sec station, sitting in a Vagabond. So I undocked with the intent of trying to find a group of recon Triglavians to shoot.

When I undocked, I looked down at my scanner and saw an Emerging Conduit at the top of the list. I didn't need to go hunting. I had a whole bunch in system with me.

I felt fairly confident in my Vagabond. I used it to run tier 3 abyssal sites. Plus, I heard the Triglavian ships did not scram, so if things got really scary, I could hit the assault damage control unit and warp out. For some reason, I decided to use Hornet IIs instead of Warrior IIs as my drone of choice. So with a questionable drone choice and Republic Fleet Fusion M loaded in my autocannons, off I went.

I landed in the site and wondered where all the Triglavians were. Then a dark portal formed and out came the Triglavians. As one might expect, the Triglavians came out in three waves. The first was easy enough to brush aside. The second was a bit tougher as Triglavian destroyer damage is nothing to sneeze at.

In between waves, I took the opportunity to salvage. The last time I was out, I had fit a Salvager II in the  utility slot instead of the nosferatu I fit when running Abyssal sites in order to ease any cap pressure. I was still salvaging when the third wave hit me.

The third wave can bring some serious pain, especially if one just sits there and lets the damage ramp up. Safety tip: don't let a Zoya's Vedmark and a support gang of 9 frigates and destroyers get in range. I wound up warping off. I then warped back, finished the remaining Triglavians, and began cleaning up the wrecks.

I discovered four important things about the sites in that first run. First, the NPCs drop red loot, which means looting the field is a must. The second was that half the value of the site was in the salvage. Third, the site contains an ore named Talassonite, which contains nocxium, zydrine, and megacyte. Finally, shortly after I completed the site, a new Emerging Conduit spawned and the one I disappared from scan. A site that a player could infinitely chain that has ore containing higher end minterals like nocxium, zydrine and megacyte? Okay. If the developers are incentivizing me into spending most of my time in high sec, I'm not going to fight want they clearly want me to do anymore.

With the next site, I decided to bring along a mobile tractor unit and log in Wandering Rose to salvage the wrecks in a Noctis. I also made a change in tactics. Instead of sitting stationary, I decided to dart into range, align to a station, and kite the Triglavians. On the third wave, I decided to pick off all the support ships and leave Zoya's Vedmark for last. The plan almost worked like a charm. The third wave, instead of making me warp off, didn't even get to half shields. I only had one issue. The Zoya's Vedmark warped off instead.

So I cleaned up the field, scooped  the MTU to my cargo hold, and dropped the loot off in the station. One more site for the night. I did everything the way I think will happen in the future. Warped into the site. Waited for the dark warp point to appear and then the Triglavians to appear. Dropped the MTU and darted into range of the NPCs. Started kiting and picking off the NPCs. On the third wave, warp off due to the extreme damage inflicted and to reset the Triglavian weapons. Warp back in and finish off the third wave. Clean up the field.

I did learn one final, important fact about the Emerging Conduits. After finishing up the last site, I warped back to the bookmark I made for the second site (I always bookmark my MTUs after dropping them). The asteroid belt was gone. Important safety tip: if you want to mine the talassonite in one of the new sites, always leave at least one ship in the site after all the NPCs are destroyed.

I had to experience mining talassonite, so on Sunday, I went back and logged in my little high sec mining fleet members who fly an Orca and two Skiffs. The fleet hanger and ore hold in the Orca, combined with the 15,000 m3 ore holds in each of the Skiffs, comes out to a nice round number of 250,000 m3. So I mined until all the space was filled. For those interested, I didn't come close to mining the belt out.

Due to talassonite taking up 16 m3 each, I only came away with 15,624 units of ore. I then took the ore to an NPC station for reprocessing. My return rate was 75.6%, which is pretty good for an NPC station in high sec. The minerals received were:

  • Megacyte - 1,534 units
  • Nocxium - 53,812 units
  • Tritanium - 1,486,917 units
  • Zydrine - 9,558 units

A ridiculously low amount for a Rorqual pilot, but I was happy to receive that type of higher end minerals in high sec.

After the mining session, I looked through my blueprints and found my 10-run Porpoise blueprint copy. I went nuts mining enough to build my Nestor and Marshal. With these new sites, a Porpoise will be a breeze. And with the mineral requirements for a Porpoise, I may post next Wednesday about my brand new ship.

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