Thursday, July 30, 2020

Dotlan Makes It Easier To Follow The War

Wollari has done it again. For those who don't know, Wollari is the developer of Dotlan Maps. In a recent move, he went ahead and made following wars in null sec a lot easier to follow.

Back in the dawn of time (before July 2015), territorial control units (TCUs) were important in the sovereignty system. One could follow a war just by watching sovereignty change hands. But with the Aegis release, that changed. Basically, TCUs became little flags on a map and nothing else. The null sec powers ignore the flags and only clean them out after the fighting is over.

The new key structure is the Infrastructure Hub (iHub). The iHub can have various upgrades installed that aid in generating additional PvE content and wealth. Additionally, running the PvE content increases the activity defense multiplier (ADM) in the system.  The iHub is also important, because an alliance cannot deploy cyno jammers in a system without a Cynosural Suppression upgrade installed in the iHub. An infrastructure hub upgrade is also required to place an Ansiblex Jump Gate in a system. A jump gate network gives an alliance great mobility to move forces around the cluster.

The innovation Wollari introduced is the ability to see who owns the iHubs in a region. Before, we could only filter on the sovereignty map, which displayed the TCUs. Let's use Fountain as an example. Before, visiting Dotlan would show users the sov map.

Fountain Sov Map - 30 July 2020

Looking at the sovereignty map, we can see that someone is making a push in the north of Fountain. Also, that space held by The Initiative. is under attack. But switching to the new iHub map tells a clearer picture.

Fountain iHub Map - 30 July 2020

In the north, the systems marked as belonging to Infensus <DUTCH> on the sov map contain iHubs owned by two alliances. The defending alliance is The Bastion <BASTN>, a member of The Imperium. The attacking group is Pandemic Horde <REKTD>, a member of the PanFam coalition currently allied with The Legacy Coalition.

In central Fountain, the sov map just shows that some sort of warfare is happening. Switching to the iHub map shows Pandemic Horde and allies making inroads into the Sphinx constellation, placing iHubs in 4 of the 11 systems.

Trying to watch wars over the past few years has gotten harder with the introduction of the Aegis sovereignty system. With the latest additions to Dotlan, Wollari has made watching the action a bit easier.

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