Monday, July 6, 2020

Is EVE's Summer 2020 War The Real Thing?

Over the last two weeks a lot of talk has circulated about the upcoming war between The Imperium and everyone Test Alliance Please Ignore can gather up to fight. Has anyone heard this talk before? More often than not, these wars fizzle out after a few weeks. 

Listening to the leaders of both The Imperium and TEST talk, they plan a war to the death. Do I really believe it? Not really. The two sides, the 8 alliances of The Imperium and the 102 alliances gathered together by TEST, will need to show some sort of real desire to have more than a few slap fights in Paragon Soul, Period Basis, Querious and Cloud Ring. The two sides traded jabs in their meetings, with The Mittani calling TEST, "the final destination for corp-hoppers, turncoats, snitches, grifters, graspers, suck-ups, also-rans, and the irredeemably incompetent", while TEST's progodlegend claimed that EVE is dying due to The Imperium. TEST's other leader, Vily, claimed their assembled force would not make the same mistake they made at the end of the Casino War and would destroy The Imperium.

At this time, the only major effort I've hear either side make was an Imperium effort to knock out TEST's jump bridge network in Paragon Soul. I know that TEST deployed a keepstar someplace before the NIP formally ended, but I'll have to look up where. I also know that one of the systems reinforced by Imperium was G-M4GK. A keepstar deployed in the system would allow The Imperium to project supercapital forces into Esoteria. But besides that, I don't know a lot about the action so far. I'm sure we'll hear something soon. How much is reliable, that's another question.

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