Tuesday, March 16, 2021

EVE Online Testing A Browser Version Of The Client

Yesterday CCP Games announced a browser based version of the EVE Online client, and that players could join the beta test.

From today, a greater number of pilots have the opportunity to join a time-limited test of a cloud-based platform that allows a fully-featured EVE Online to be played in-browser, instantly.

Newly named as ‘EVE Anywhere’, the cloud platform has entered beta following a successful early-stage trial that saw EVE Online players explore the innovative and robust technology while helping improve its offering. The new test will help further shape and refine the platform while exploring the potential of wider availability in the future.

For those that might wonder, yes, EVE Anywhere connects to the main Tranquility cluster. 

Conceived to expand the player community of EVE Online, EVE Anywhere removes barriers for newcomers, while providing veterans of New Eden with an extremely convenient way to access their game. The early-stage trial has already demonstrated that potential, seeing first-time EVE Online players stay for longer, with higher numbers converting into full-time pilots.

Remember on Pearl Abyss Q4 2020 Earnings Call how the company stated a desire to grow EVE revenue by expanding into Asian markets? I have the feeling this is part of the effort.

Is the browser a "cultural element"?

I've heard claims of higher retention numbers like this from CCP in the past. I need to see the numbers once the beta is over and all players have a chance to use the browser. After all, anyone willing to take part in a beta test is probably a little more motivated to play than the typical person who tries EVE for the first time.

EVE Anywhere enables instant access over supported browsers - Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Firefox - and requires no downloads whatsoever. Supporting 1080p resolution and gameplay at 60FPS, it provides a way to play EVE Online unimaginable even a few years ago.

I can confirm this. I not only ran the game using Chrome on my regular gaming rig, but I also ran the game on an older secondary computer and my laptop which can't run the game at all. The game looked great on all three.

While the early tests of the cloud-platform were limited to new players in the United States, as of today all US-based pilots that meet connection speed and browser requirements will be offered full access to EVE Anywhere.

I met the requirements. Even the laptop connecting to my home network via wi-fi.

Omega pilots in the USA can currently enjoy EVE Anywhere for the duration of the new test at no additional cost, providing an opportunity to experience the new platform while there is no charge.

No, I will not insert the cheap "EVE Anywhere ... only in the USA" here joke.

Newcomers to New Eden, meanwhile, will be invited to the cloud beta as part of their free EVE Online sign-up, while upgrading to Omega will enable them to continue exploring the game from their second session instantly via their web browser.

Someone will need to explain this paragraph to me.

Logging into the game wasn't automatic. The first two times I tried to get into the game I received the "No Servers Available" message. At first, I thought the message was just a bad 404 error. But when I moved to my main gaming rig, I met with success.

The last major point I ran into was the graphic settings. I didn't mind them, as the game looked good and I didn't put a ship at risk. However, I could only play in full screen. If I wanted to play in windowed mode, the above message appeared, blocking my view of the screen. 

I do have to add one thing of note. The overview, while adjustable, can't save settings. Also, I couldn't import an overview from one of my clients. I tried both saving and uploading a .yawl file and via corp chat. I'm not sure I want to try playing the game with only the default overview. 

As the article stated, the test is for a limited time. From my point of view, I think I'll wait a little longer for CCP to release a more advanced build before exploring any more. But who knows? For the people who hate the launcher, a web version is a way around the issue.

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