Tuesday, March 30, 2021

An Introduction To The Hunt, 2021 Edition

As the first quadrant of 2021, Reign comes to a close, CCP launched its Easter-themed event for EVE Online. The Hunt is based around the Guristas, a faction much hated by both the Caldari and CONCORD. The founders of the Guristas, known as Fatal and the Rabbit, return the sentiments.

The event has ship restrictions that make The Hunt new player friendly.

Throughout the 14 days of The Hunt, combat sites will be restricted to frigates and destroyers (T1/T2/Faction). Standard sites across New Eden will be suitable for T1 frigates and destroyers. Meanwhile, the more demanding, more lucrative Huntmaster sites will only appear in Caldari Lowsec and in the Guristas’ beloved home region Venal, and have been balanced for T2 frigates and T2 destroyers.

Each combat site will offer two combat rooms; one that can be accessed by all players, and a special area that will require key cards found in The Hunt’s mystery capsules. In those locked rooms, special loot drops will be available.


During The Hunt, Capsuleers looking for a break from combat can visit special exploration sites where hacking challenges will not only provide means to secure standard loot, but also a chance to gain items normally only available through combat. Again, these sites are limited to T1/T2/Faction frigates and destroyers.
I'm still waiting for CCP to begin allowing implants and wirings to drop upon pod destruction, a feature introduced in last year's event. While this year's announcement does not mention the Guristas Hydra Implant Set, pods dropping implants returns this year.

Of course, what is an event without some rewards. For those into ship SKINs, running the sites can get players up to 6 faction navy SKINs.
  • 50 pts - Worm Hunter's Quiver SKIN
  • 100 pts - Exequror Navy Issue Hunter's Quiver SKIN
  • 150 pts - Caracal Navy Issue Hunter's Quiver SKIN
  • 200 pts - Typhoon Fleet Issue Hunter's Quiver SKIN
  • 250 pts - Armegeddon Navy Issue Hunter's Quiver SKIN
  • 300 pts - Raven Navy Issue Hunter's Quiver SKIN
Also, logging in 10 times between 30 March and 13 April give skill points, boosters, and ship SKINs. Below is a detailed list of rewards for both Alpha and Omega accounts.

  • 40K skill points
  • +3% maximum velocity booster
  • Acceleration Gate Key
  • Cyclone Hunter's Quiver SKIN
  • Prophecy Hunter's Quiver SKIN
  • Ferox Hunter's Quiver SKIN
  • Myrmidon Hunter's Quiver SKIN
Omega - All the Alpha rewards plus the list below
  • 80K skill points
  • +3 turret/missile damage booster
  • Acceleration Gate Key
  • Stiletto Hunter's Quiver SKIN
  • Malediction Hunter's Quiver SKIN
  • Crow Hunter's Quiver SKIN
  • Ares Hunter's Quiver SKIN
As always, the SKINs are apply on redeem.

I don't know about the drops inside the sites as I probably won't get a chance to undock until the weekend. But after reading the news article and poking around a bit in a station, I'm looking forward to flying around in a Rifter or Probe looking for event content.

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