Monday, April 26, 2021

March 2021 Monthly Economic Report - Pochven

CCP released the monthly economic report for March last Tuesday. One of the popular topics I see in the EVE media is what is happening in Pochven. The region, made up of 27 systems removed from k-space by the Triglavians, appeared in mid-October 2020 in the same patch that introduced many of the resource distribution changes. With 5 1/2 months of data in the books, now is a good time to see what the MER shows about Pochven.

Data from the RegionStats.csv files from Oct 2020 to Mar 2021

The first fact that stands out is that not much economic activity occurs in Pochven. In March, players mined 43.2 billion ISK worth of ore and earned 12 million ISK in NPC bounties. The low bounty figures don't mean no PvE occurs in the region. In the ISK Sinks and Faucets chart, the amount earned by running combat sites in Pochven is listed under "Corporate Reward Payout [Triglavian Invasions]". At least, since the Triglavian invasions ceased in October 2020, the MER should use that line item.

The list of sinks & faucets from the March 2021 MER

The payout for running the sites was 3.1 trillion ISK in March. In comparison, the rewards from running missions in the entire game was 3.6 trillion ISK.

Where is Pochven? (From the March 2021 MER)

The MER is also showing that the amount of destruction in Pochven has steadied over the last three months. Compared to the rest of the game, March's total of 410 billion ISK destroyed exceeded the value destroyed in Tenal (390 bn), Deklein (385 bn), Geminate (352 bn), and Oasa (336 bn).  

Pochven gets no respect (from March 2021 MER)

I don't think people think of manufacturing when they think of Pochven. But if players are going to blow ships up, they need supplies and replacements. In March, players produced 223.9 billion ISK worth of goods in the Triglavian systems. Pochven produced just under the amount in Immensea (228 bn) and exceeded the totals in Curse (194 bn), Wicked Creek (187 bn), Outer Ring (120 bn), and Tenal (89 bn).

Overall, I think Pochven is operating at least on par with NPC null sec regions like Curse, Stain, and Syndicate. A key factor I am looking at is production in the region. If production increases along with continued combat site running, I think a player civilization could eventually form in the region.

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