Monday, April 5, 2021

The Hunt - Finding Eggs

I managed to play a little bit of EVE Online yesterday. The Hunt is currently underway until 13 April so I decided to go out and hunt down some eggs. The problem? Lack of actual directional scanning skills.

I did manage to track down 15 points worth of capsules. The one trick I know is to make sure the overview is set up to see capsules. But not just any capsules. Irregular capsules.

If the box isn't checked, player skill doesn't matter, the irregular capsules will not show up in the results. Also, for some reason low sec is a much better place to find capsules than high sec.

I tried using probes to track down the capsules. While they helped locate where to find the prizes, the process was slow and I still wound up having to use the directional scanner. The last time I searched in a system, I just went to a spot close to the center of the solar system and performed a d-scan at maximum distance (14.3 AU) with a 360 degree radius. The results didn't turn up a capsule, so I flew to one of the two planets outside the scan range and found the general vicinity of the target.

Because planets have so many moons (and I didn't know about the trick about holding down the V key), I would fly to a spot off the planet and then do a search. I would slowly reduce the search radius until the capsule fell off the results. Once that happened, I knew where to look.

Holding down the V key while on the map view allows for accurate scanning results by just clicking on the celestial. Of course, I didn't bother searching YouTube for an instructional video until I started writing this post. I would have found capsules much faster. A video by EVEnton was very helpful in making my life easier.

I do have one more tip. Using a covert ops frigate probably wasn't the best choice to hunt down eggs. Finding a capsule at a moon poses no problems. Asteroid belts, on the other hand, frequently have rats. Besides, running the combat sites in The Hunt requires something a lot more tanky. Might as well use the same ship to both find the eggs and run the sites.

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