Monday, May 3, 2021

I Didn't Want That House Anyway

I logged into Final Fantasy XIV last night and went to go to my house. I was a bit surprised to see I didn't have a house anymore. I bought the house and spent 3.6 million gil on it, so I initially was a little upset. Housing in FFXIV is not instanced, so Square Enix put in a rule that not visiting your house in 45 days results in you losing the house. And as I discovered, just using the summoning bell does not count as a visit.

One of the safeguards for players is that Square Enix sends players emails to remind them to visit their houses. But I didn't see any reminders in my inbox, and I do receive emails from Square Enix. What happened?

Sometimes taking security measures can come back and bite if one isn't careful. I created a fresh email account especially for FFXIV. The emails went there. Good security practice, bad implementation. Stuff happens.

Am I going to try to buy another house? I don't think so. The main reason I bought a house was to plant a garden and maybe train my chocobo to become a racing bird. But with Island Sanctuaries coming to FFXIV in the Endwalker expansion in a few months, I can have what I really want without fear of losing the content if I forget to visit. 

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