Friday, February 23, 2024

EVE Havoc Patch Notes: The Rest Of February's Updates

On Tuesday CCP released a patch for EVE Online that focused heavily on ship balance issues. But the developers added a few more updates. I thought I'd finish up with a post discussing the rest of the updates.

  • 🤝 LP donations from characters to corporations, and from corporations to corporations, is now possible again.

An LP donation tax might be introduced in the future. We will monitor how the LP market is affected in the coming months.

Yes, I would expect CCP to impose such a tax, if only as an anti-RMT measure. In Tuesday's accompanying dev blog, the developers explained their thinking around the move.

Cooperation within corporations is a cornerstone of EVE Online, and the return of LP donations is a key step toward further fostering this vital aspect of gameplay. Since LP donations were paused following the release of the Havoc expansion for monitoring the new ecosystem, many groups & communities within the warzone and beyond have expressed a strong need to have this re-enabled sooner rather than later. The ecosystem will continue to be monitored, so in anticipation of the potential impact on the economy and to ensure a balanced environment, a future update will introduce a tax system to these transactions.

This enhancement is part of EVE's ongoing commitment to respond to community feedback and to refine the in-game experience, making cooperation not just a part of survival in New Eden but a thriving aspect of its rich, player-driven narrative.

I probably should have included this tidbit in yesterday's post.

  • 🤝 It is now possible to pre-overheat modules while under the effects of jump cloak. (This is the temporary invulnerability and cloak you have from recently arriving in a new system from a Stargate, Shipcaster, Ansiblex or Wormhole.)

Spanish speaking players received some love from the localization team.

  • Voice over has now been added in Spanish.

The user interface received two tweaks associated with insurgencies.

  • The closest Forward Operating Base, or Zarzakh, will now appear in the loyalty points section of the wallet when looking at Malakim Zealots or Commando Guri LP.

  • Changed the fill color of the Corruption bubbles in the Insurgency Window to match the Corruption color of the UI.

Finally, CCP fixed a long list of bugs, including one affecting travel in null security space.


  • Ship Autopilot will now jump through Ansiblex Gates.
  • Damaged Laser Crystals will no longer be counted as modules for the "repair all" option for Nanite Repair Paste.
  • It is now possible to import fits for the Avatar.
  • It is now possible to search for “blueprint” and “officer” in the search New Eden bar.
  • The quantity field no longer cuts off the numbers of charges in in the Fitting window in simulation mode.
  • The Zarzakh Toll Cost is no longer rounded up or down to 3 significant figures, and now always shows the correct cost.
  • The basic Shield Amplifiers will now appear in the Storyline Section of the Market.


  • Abyssal Mining Crystals now have a red-colored icon to match their red beam.
  • Complex Mining Crystals now have an orange-colored icon to match their orange beam.
  • Rare Moon Mining Crystals now have a red beam to match their red icon.


  • The region description of Immensea now uses the correct spelling of “Arkonor”.

User Interface:
  • The Agency no longer opens with an incorrect tab in focus.
  • The Show Legend option choice in the Price History tab of the Market window is now preserved when switching between tabs.
  • Container icons in the Input Material Location drop down menu of the Industry window no longer move to the right when scrolling up and down.
  • The background of the Factional Warfare Enlistment window now fills the window. We have also removed the header icon and window title.
  • The Medium Industrial Core link in the "Can Fit Role bonus" for the Porpoise now correctly links to the Medium Industrial Core.
  • The arrow icons in the Agents category of the Character Sheet now face the correct way after the window has been collapsed.
  • Factional items in the Loyalty Point Store now correctly show the Faction marks.
  • The Compression window now correctly opens after choosing the Compress option when the window has been minimized.
  • The View Inside button tooltip now shows the correct tooltip.
  • Removed the extra line space in the tooltips in the Insurgency Info Panel.
  • The Insurgency gauges in the Info Panel are now clearer when viewing them over different backgrounds.

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