Tuesday, February 27, 2024

FFXIV: Not All Nice Mounts Are Found In The Cash Shop

Developers do not need to save all of the best looking, most useful items to sell for real world currency. No, really, they don't. Take, for example, Final Fantasy XIV's Regalia Type-G mount.

The Regalia Type-G is a four-seat car players can purchase for 200,000 Manderville Gold Saucer Points (MGP). Sounds easy, right. The catch is the car is only available when the Final Fantasy XV crossover event A Nocturne for Heroes runs, which is about once every two years. Or basically the period between the last MSQ patch and the next expansion. FFXIV is currently in such a period and A Nocturne for Heroes will run from tomorrow, 28 February, to 13 March.

For a little perspective, here is a list of all the mounts sold in FFXIV's cash shop that can carry 4 or more characters:

That's it, at least for the cash shop. The game has another 4-seat mount, Skyslipper, available as a drop from Eden's Gate: Sepulture (Savage) (aka E4S), a dungeon from the raid series in Shadowbringers.The difficulty level keeps the number in the wild down, but is available through play.

I should add an honorable mention to the Cerberus mount. Obtained in Bozja, the Cerberus can carry three characters, one for each of its heads. Once again, not an easy mount to obtain, because in addition to grinding through Bozja, the mount hunter also has to complete a 48 character Savage raid.

Now, those who don't want to wait two years or do Savage raids might choose something out of the cash shop. I guess some will consider that a "fear of missing out" tactic. But I have the feeling a lot more people will stay subscribed to get the mount that would pay upwards of $40 to purchase the mount.

The Regalia Type-G mount

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