Thursday, February 8, 2024

A Look At January 2024's Active ISK Delta

Yesterday CCP released the January 2024 monthly economic report for EVE Online. Since I placed the Active ISK Delta under a microscope in 2023 as an indication of the game's health, I thought I'd continue looking to see if the developers can maintain the positive momentum.

Depending on one's point of view, January's Active ISK Delta of -61.5 trillion ISK was not great news. The amount was 40.3 trillion ISK less than the -21.2 trillion ISK recorded in January 2023. To give some sort of reference to just how much 40.3 trillion ISK is, the amount represents approximately 15,800 months of game time based on yesterday's average PLEX price of 5.1 million ISK in The Forge.

I then decided to compare the two latest winter expansions, 2022's Uprising and 2023's Havoc. In the two months following Uprising, the Active ISK Delta was -84.8 trillion, meaning the net loss to New Eden's ISK supply from November 2022 to January 2023 was 11.3 trillion ISK. After Havoc, the total Active ISK Delta in the following two months was -130.3 trillion ISK. So year over year, the decrease in the Active ISK Delta was 53.7%.

The Active ISK Delta doesn't measure how many people left or came back to the game, just the amount of ISK. If I had to say anything, I would say that people returned to EVE to check out the Uprising expansion. Uprising was the first expansion or update to focus on low sec in a major way in perhaps a decade. Havoc, on the other hand, was the third expansion in a year-long run of content for low security space. Probably not the same level of excitement. 

Perhaps the Active ISK Delta is showing why CCP wants to change the focus of development to null sec. If CCP decides to revamp the null sec sovereignty system this year, think null sec players will come back to give the game another look?

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