Monday, February 26, 2024

Cloud Imperium Games' Potential Fine Rises To £375

I didn't really think I would write about this topic at the end of February 2024. But, here we are. Cloud Imperium Games still hasn't filed its 2022 financial accounts paperwork with UK Companies House.

As seen on UK Companies House @ 1400 26 Feb 2024

I realize that sometimes paperwork gets lost in the shuffle and documents are not posted immediately. So I waited long enough for a newer document to show up in the Cloud Imperium entry.

As seen on UK Companies House @ 1400 26 Feb 2024

A new entry was added, but not because CIG's UK accounts were submitted last Monday. The reason was that the personal information of one of the directors, Ortwin Freyermuth, changed in October 2022. The paperwork was stamped by Companies House as received on 19 February 2024. 

The whole situation with Freyermuth is a little strange, since Companies House shows Freyermuth resigning his position as a director in Cloud Imperium Rights LTD on 31 May 2023. The resignation occurred less than two weeks after the acquisition of Turbulent by Cloud Imperium and the disappearance of the Squadron 42 sales page on 18 May 2023. As of this time, Companies House does not show Freyermuth's replacement as a director.

As seen on UK Companies House 26 Feb 2024

As for filing the accounts late, the fine increased to £375 on 1 February. As I stated last month, given the scale of operations, the late fee is change found between the couch's cushions for CIG. The year 2022, just from the revenues, was a wildly successful year. Or, at least, that is the way the situation appears from the outside looking in.

Hopefully either CIG submits its accounts or Companies House finds the paperwork. The only other post I want to write on this subject is the one closing out the incident.

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