Friday, April 26, 2024

Another EVE: Equinox Advertisement From The Upwell Consortium

I think both myself and Wilhelm from The Ancient Gaming Noob are having a little fun with the Upwell Consortium's attempts to sell players on the Equinox expansion coming out on 11 June. First, they came out with a marketing brochure trying to sell the cluster on their system. The accompanying promotional video is so good I'm posting the video for the second time this week.

To make the point, I'm even including a transcription of the video.

To shape destiny is within all of us. With Upwell you can shape the universe. Unlocking the potential of the stars and planets you call home has been the unwavering focus of our finest minds. And now, we stand on the cusp of a new era. 

Introducing Equinox. An unrivalled suite of solutions for a new age of colonization. Revolutionary structures that offer unprecedented systemwide control. All operated and maintained by an efficient and skilled workforce. 

Embrace the freedom to shape space in your image and seize the dream of a star system entirely under your command. 


Today, the Upwell Consortium came out with a new commercial plastered across Galnet (aka YouTube). The marketing department over at Upwell is doing such a fine job I decided to post and transcribe their latest effort.

Man in wheelchair: I always dreamt that one day I'd make it. Do something great. See the stars. But sometimes reality has different ideas. I remember those dreams starting to slip away. Those doors, they never opened for me. 

Narrator: Until now. Because with Upwell, it's never too late. 

We will give you a new life. A way to make a difference. Our cloning technology will provide you with a second chance. A fresh start. 

Be the version of yourself you were destined to be and seize the dream of a future that you've chosen. 


Does anyone trust Upwell not to create an army of clone slaves? I just want to remind everyone what CCP Burger was quoted as saying in CCP's press release announcing the expansion.

“EVE has always been defined by its players’ ability to forge their own destiny through economic dominance, political machinations and military conquest,” said Bergur Finnbogason, EVE Online’s Creative Director. “With Equinox, we’re taking that open-ended freedom to new heights by giving pilots greater agency over nullsec’s valuable resources - while challenging them with the moral implications about the cost of such ambition. We’re also extremely excited to see what amazing designs players will make with EVE’s new SKINR tool: the sky truly is the limit for personalizing your favorite ships.”

I like the part about the "while challenging them with the moral implications about the cost of such ambition." Given that the lore basically sets up "capsuleers" or "Empyreans" (i.e. players) as demi-gods, the moral implications might go ignored.

Given that the Upwell Consortium was formed over 8 years ago to "capitalize on the burgeoning capsuleer space infrastructure market", I'm not sure how the cluster should view the organizations expansion into clones. I'm all for not allowing the Amar to dominate the clone market. But is the Upwell Consortium just the lesser of two evils?

I'm going to end the post with a blast from the past. Yes, the first EVE Online video featuring marketing material from Upwell.  And I really can't believe how fast time flies.

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