Friday, April 12, 2024

The New Scope Video And The High Sec Drone Event

Over the last week or so real life, especially work, has gotten in the way of my gaming. I've barely logged into Final Fantasy XIV and only briefly roamed once in EVE looking for high sec drone sites. Apparently a lot of players haven't run drone sites since the next step in the road to the expansion launched last Thursday. Why do I think so? Because CCP dropped a new Scope video today.

The video pretty much covers the information released last week. Some additional information came across the news scroll at the bottom of the video. The scroll did get cut off as the information gathered by players was presented.
  • tractor unit destroyed in ritual scholars are calling "previously unrecorded kind of heresy" 

  • President Aguard praises Upwell's "innovative use of technology"

  • Deathless custodians reportedly acquire kidnapped Chemal Tech geneticist offered by Fraternity

  • Tribal Council to review Upwell leak in rare public session.

  • One trillion ISK worth of assets destroyed in a capsuleer battle in Ahbazon, Genesis.

  • Fears of mass hysteria as belief in secret wormhole conspiracy theory on the rise.

  • Intaki Autonomists hold economic ...
A couple of player events were noted including Fraternity's previous involvement in the current storyline. But for the most part not one of the better Scope videos. Which is another reason I think today's video was in reaction to player actions, or rather, inaction. Videos done in connection with on-going storylines are usually pretty good. Today's was, well, meh.

I'll try to log in for a few hours over the weekend, but I still have to do my taxes. Perhaps increasing the spawn rate for drone sites will help.

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