Tuesday, August 4, 2009

July In Review

I’m starting on my 6th month of operation of The Nosy Gamer so I think this might be a good time to start looking at what I’m doing that might be popular. With the help of Google Analytics, here are the ten most popular posts for July.
  1. EQ2 Research Assistants My Way
  2. EQ2 Warning: Grey Shard Runs Now Officially An Exploit
  3. Confessions of a Grey Shard Runner: Implementation
  4. Level Locking: Being a Real WoW (or EQ2) Tourist
  5. Are EQ2’s Toons Fat or WoW’s Anorexic?
  6. EQ2 Research Assistants: The Reality
  7. Confessions of a Grey Shard Runner: Justification
  8. Thoughts on Test Notes for EQ2’s GU52
  9. Order of Rime With A Side of Grind
  10. EQ2 Transmuting Without Breaking The Bank
Considering I only really write two posts a week (with a podcast review on Sundays) I don’t think the selections are that bad after only 5 full months of posts. The runaway winner in popularity is my post on why I think SOE’s implementation of research assistants was flawed and how I think it should have been implemented. I’m not going to think my writing is that good; a bug was discovered with the research assistants and I benefitted from people trying to find a solution to the problem.

As expected, posts about doing grey shard runs are still popular. The posts gained a boost in popularity when on July 7 Kiara went back on the official forums and announced that not only would the developers not fix the content so players could not do grey shard runs, but that doing the grey shard runs is officially kind of okay and that the devs would do a better job of not putting broken content into EQ2 in the future.

I’m actually happy about the placement of my two World of Warcraft/EverQuest 2 comparison pieces. I think level locking in EverQuest 2 is a good thing and I think that for those players who really want to see all the content at level in World of Warcraft, level locking is a must. As for the silly title about weight, I still like the comparison.

And at the bottom of the list, the last two entries were written in the second half of July. I don’t know if that means my body of work is still not deep or if I’m just keeping up with the trends in EQ2. I have hopes that my transmuting guide will have some staying power as a guild to all those people suffering through the leveling grind.

The one thing that I’m kind of disappointed in is that my podcast reviews are not that popular. I didn’t think they’d make the top 10, but I thought they might be a bit more popular. I’ll try a different format that I think will be better this Sunday.


  1. The podcast reviews are the main reason I visit, to be honest..... it's something unique that I haven't seen elsewhere.

  2. Hmmm ... I was thinking of putting in a highlights segment at the top of each week's post. I think that would be more interesting than what I've been doing. That way the format would be highlights, then new podcast (if I listen to one) then the regular short reviews.